Weeks 9 and 10 – Marketing Masterclass

Hi Everyone,

Week 9 of the Masterclass was to continue to define our niche and researching what type of product we were going to produce and evolve into an eBook.  We did research all over the internet and our last and final place we checked was ClickBank to determine if our niche and product was a viable selection.  My wife and I made a final decision that our first niche would be “Green Technologies” as I indicated in week 8.  Our first product which we are working on is an eBook that explains what renewable energy is.  So of course we thought a good title would be “Renewable Energy Explained” and we are hard at work making our product the best it can be.

Week 10 (this past week) we were to accomplish several things to move us forward.  First we had to finalize our product name, which my wife and I did last week.  Next was to order a domain name for the product.  So, I went to D9 Hosting to see if my product name was available in a domain name (which it was) and then I ordered and registered the name for our business through D9 Hosting.  Next on the list, John wanted us to develop the chapter titles of our eBook.  We already had our product in an outline format, so we were already done with this phase.

The last thing we were to accomplish was to order our eBook web site template through Planet Divinity.  This was something I was really excited about.  When we built our current site it was very bland until we had the chance to order and install our Header and Footer graphics through Planet Divinity.  I remember that it was the first time I felt proud to have a web site out there where everyone could see it.

This time, ordering from Planet Divinity was the same experience.  I went to the site, ordered the package, paid for it then was taken to a page to explain the details I wanted in it.  It was very easy and took about 5 minutes.  In less than 48 hours Steve at Planet Divinity had my whole package (eBook web site template) done.  Besides that I had asked him to do the graphics for my eBook cover and the 12 chapters with the titles.  You guessed it, it all came in the same email.  Easy to order, work accomplished FAST and great looking.  What else could you expect.  I’ve come to expect excellence from Planet Divinity and why not?  They have ALWAYS performed that way.

Now we get down to Week 11.  I can’t wait to see my product site!!


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6 thoughts on “Weeks 9 and 10 – Marketing Masterclass

  1. Mandy Allen says:

    Hi Jay,

    Aren’t they great at Planet Divinity! I have been really pleased with their service too, they are so accomodating.

    Enjoy the journey.


  2. Ann O Leary says:

    Hi Jay and Lynne
    Glad to hear your graphics have worked out so well. I’m not sure yet what direction my e book will take so I am going to wait to order the graphics for a week or so more. Its good to hear that the response is rapid so hopefully I wont miss out on anything by waiting.Blog looks great.

  3. Jay Mueller says:


    Thanks for the comments about Planet Divinity. They ARE great to work with. I don’t plan on working with any other people for graphics.


  4. Jay Mueller says:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the kind words about the blog. Also thanks for the note on the mistakes I made. I have now corrected them…..I think. Thanks for taking the time to review and comment on the site. It is always appreciated.


  5. Hi Jay

    Good post – it has made me realise just how behind I am and how much work I need to put in to catch up…phew! Looking forward to seeing some products online, I’m sure this will give me the push I need to keep going.

    All the best


    1. Jay Mueller says:


      We are all at different levels. I feel I am behind from some of the forum notes. I just keep reading the forum and learn as I go. YOu should do the same, and if you have questions….put them out there and learn from the “POOL” 😉

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