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A Lazy Saturday

Hi all!  I had great plans to really charge hard in this blog over the weekend, but as I got into the weekend I realized I had to accomplish treasurer duties for my HOG (Harley Owners Group).  This took most of the morning and then the Nationwide NASCAR Race from Daytona, Florida came on, so I had to watch that….. Exciting racing which is the right of spring for stock car racing here in the US. 

As the day went on I surfed the Internet and found out some new things I may want to play with on this Internet Marketing site.  I’ll get into more detail on these as I move forward in this John Thornhill Master Marketing Class.  Week three begins on Monday 16 Feb 09 and I am looking forward on improving things on this site.   This afternoon I was getting a cage ready for a new outdoor cat that my wife is bringing home.  I used a mid-size dog kennel then covered it with aluminum insulation.  To ensure he wouldn’t freeze I placed the kennel on a pet hot plate designed to keep your pet warm in the winter when they are in their little house.  I thought I was quit ingenious about the whole mess.  In any case when my wife brought him home he moved right on in and looked very comfortable.

Enough rambling for now.   Have a great evening!


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Hello world!

Welcome to Jay and Lynne Mueller’s (therefore “Jay-Lynne”) Blog Site.  We are in the process of taking John Thornhill’s Internet Marketing Masterclass to help us start an Internet marketing business.  I’ve just retired and want some new endeavors to keep me busy.  Internet marketing was the first thing we thought of.  Then we ran across John’s new class.  I cannot describe to you how detailed this class is.  He takes you through everything from ordering a domain name, ordering a hosting site, and establishing this blog site.  This is step-by-step instruction for each of these areas.  Further he details why you need to do the each step, so you gain an understanding of the entire process.  The class is 36 weeks long and we are only in week two. 

I intend to do a weekly post about this class, because as you can tell, we are VERY excited about it and about the entire process of Internet marketing.  I mean how can you not being excited about receiving step-by-step instruction from one of the most successful Internet marketing experts in the world.  He gives you the knowledge, you just have to apply yourself and you can become successful too.

There are some really cool “Recommended” sites at the right and I encourage you to check them out.  John Thornhill has done a terrific job showing you how to become a

or getting help with a

Both of these programs are greatly helpful if you are interested in making money on the Internet so I encourage you to check them out.

John has many other products available and I can’t wait to review them for you in great detail, but for now my main category in this blog will be about the Master Marketing Class. 

Check out John’s Blog at PLANETSMS.

Thanks for paying attention.


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