Weeks 9 and 10 – Marketing Masterclass

Hi Everyone,

Week 9 of the Masterclass was to continue to define our niche and researching what type of product we were going to produce and evolve into an eBook.  We did research all over the internet and our last and final place we checked was ClickBank to determine if our niche and product was a viable selection.  My wife and I made a final decision that our first niche would be “Green Technologies” as I indicated in week 8.  Our first product which we are working on is an eBook that explains what renewable energy is.  So of course we thought a good title would be “Renewable Energy Explained” and we are hard at work making our product the best it can be.

Week 10 (this past week) we were to accomplish several things to move us forward.  First we had to finalize our product name, which my wife and I did last week.  Next was to order a domain name for the product.  So, I went to D9 Hosting to see if my product name was available in a domain name (which it was) and then I ordered and registered the name for our business through D9 Hosting.  Next on the list, John wanted us to develop the chapter titles of our eBook.  We already had our product in an outline format, so we were already done with this phase.

The last thing we were to accomplish was to order our eBook web site template through Planet Divinity.  This was something I was really excited about.  When we built our current site it was very bland until we had the chance to order and install our Header and Footer graphics through Planet Divinity.  I remember that it was the first time I felt proud to have a web site out there where everyone could see it.

This time, ordering from Planet Divinity was the same experience.  I went to the site, ordered the package, paid for it then was taken to a page to explain the details I wanted in it.  It was very easy and took about 5 minutes.  In less than 48 hours Steve at Planet Divinity had my whole package (eBook web site template) done.  Besides that I had asked him to do the graphics for my eBook cover and the 12 chapters with the titles.  You guessed it, it all came in the same email.  Easy to order, work accomplished FAST and great looking.  What else could you expect.  I’ve come to expect excellence from Planet Divinity and why not?  They have ALWAYS performed that way.

Now we get down to Week 11.  I can’t wait to see my product site!!


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Week 6 – Marketing Masterclass

Hello Everyone,

Here we are at week six and at the end of the first phase that John has for us.  As you can see (by checking the Masterclass Blog sites in the far right hand column) we have all made wonderful progress.  As we move forward I think you will begin to see all of us making changes to please our own preferences on our pages.

This week we had our first Webinar with John.  The scheduled time was had for me to meet, so I watched the video that John taped during the meeting.  It was good to see that many of the questions we had were pretty much the same and that videos for our technical questions would be forthcoming for our reference.  Although there were minor glitches, John and “The Associates” did a terrific job with the presentation.

We have tasks to blog more, check out each others sites and comment on them, help each other where possible, and get to know each other better.  All of this is  pretty pleasant, but it does take time.  I still have not been to all of the Masterclass sites….but I am working on it.  I know others have been to my site because they left comments (which I replied to).

This week I think Daniel Sumner provided all of us with a Widget that lists all the Masterclass Blogs randomly each time the page is refreshed.  I think it’s cool and fits in what we are doing with each other.  Then Planet Divinity and Dave Nicholson gave us access to an important tool for increasing traffic to our sites called “Total Web Traffic” that I will study and comment on in later blogs.

I have to reiterate that everyone involved in this class is great to work with and always helpful.  The cooperation between everyone is making this class an experience of a lifetime.  So thanks John, Dan, Dave, Paula and anyone I am forgetting.


The photo above was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Shenandoah mountains on the way to the 2006 Virginia State Harley Owners Group (HOG) Rally being held in Lynchburg, Virginia.


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Week 5, Master Marketing Class

Well everyone as you can see the new graphics for the header and footer have now been added to this web site.  Don’t they look great?  Planet Divinity really did a terrific job for everyone.  Daniel did a great job on the videos this week for John.  He, like john stepped us through the entire process of saving the graphics to our computers, uploading the graphics to the web site and into the WordPress Blog software.

It has taken me some time to get my blog in this week due to my mother breaking her hip.  I had to travel by car half way across the country to reach “home” to be with Dad.  My Dad is 86 and my mother turned 88 on March 4th.  This was not the way she intended to spend her birthday.  Things for her are really tough right now, but she is a very strong willed woman that I admire tremendously and she will make it through this mess.

On Sunday we are having our first webinar.  I’ll be busy doing things for my folks during the webinar, but thank goodness John is recording the event that I can catch latter that evening.  As I’ve said before, this is a terrific class and I am really enjoying learning from one of the best.


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Your Internet Marketing Store

Hi y’all.  (no I’m not from the south…originally from Minnesota but have lived in Virginia for 20+ years)

I want to tell you about this terrific site if you are doing anything in the realm of Internet Marketing.  I know there are hundreds of sites out there claiming to be the best and I’ve looked at many of those sites.  Most of the time they offer some of the things you’d be interested in but the cost is too much.  You can do what I used to do roming from this site to that site for individual items, but why do that when you can go to just one site and get what you need.  You only have to deal with one site for all your needs and they are great to deal with whatever your need.  I have first hand experience dealing with Planet Divinity.  No matter what problems I’ve encountered (self generated by me) they have always been helpful in resolving them even though they were not their problems.  Having partnerships like this in business is a very important commodity.

Planet Divinity offers many things on it’s site.  The key offerings are PRE-MADE WEBSITES for AdSense and  E-book that you can host and immediately begin earning money on the Internet.  They also offer CUSTOM SITES built exactly to your specifications.  They also offer CUSTOM WEBSITE GRAPHICS for every need whether it be Headers, Footers, Logo’s or just funny looking characters they can do it all.  CUSTOM PHYSICAL GRAPHICS are also available for CD Cases, Disc Labels, etc.  THIS IS TRUE PROFFESIONAL DESIGN AT INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE PRICES.  Most of the time they will have graphics completed for you within 48 hours.  Just try to find a place that offers that timeline without an additional cost…you will not find even one.  Personally I have never waited longer than over night for my graphics.  Terrific work completed at the speed of the Internet….imagine that!!

Please check Planet Divinity out for your business or personal needs.  I am sure you will be satisfied with anything you purchase from them.  Notice the new header and footer graphics on this page that I added during the week of 2 March 2009 during my John Thornhill’s Master Marketing Class.  These graphics were purchased from Planet Divinity.  While you are visiting the site check out the software tools they offer to make Internet Marketing easy for you. You will be very glad you did.  They have G R E A T deals.  😉



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Waiting for Week 5

It has been a long week for me waiting for our next lesson.  I guess I shouldn’t complete the lessons as fast as I have been lately.  Although I am sure that other lessons will take me much longer to complete.

I have spent my time this past week checking out WordPress (that is the power behind this blog site and provided as an option for my D9 host site) and found out things to make it easier for me to improve things.  One thing I found was expansion of the blog entry box.  The default is 20 lines and I found out in the settings area that I can change it to a larger area just by changing the number of lines and saving the setup.  I now have it set to 50 lines which for me makes it easier to read, spell check and proof-read every blog before we post them.

I also spent some time on the cPanel of my hosting site with D9.  I can’t wait to start having add-on domains and sub-domains.  It all looks very easy to manage anything from just the one panel.  It provides all of your hosting information for your site and all the statistics related to it also.  Just about anything you need for your site is just a point and click method.  You do not NEED to know HTML at all.  However, having played with web sites before, it is always good to know HTML just in case you would like to modify things a bit.  All in all a pretty slick deal for the price. 

This morning I have been madly trying to ensure I have all my links, IDs and Passwords on my laptop so I can travel and continue working on the Marketing Masterclass.  I have one of those USB pocket drives that I basically have for my photo’s.  So I loaded our Masterclass desktop folder onto it so I can take it along, plug it into the laptop and I have all that information.  This will become important this week I think when we add graphics to our sites.  Thinking ahead I save the header and footer graphics I purchased from Planet Divinity into a sub-folder called (what else) “Graphics”.

Don’t forget to check out the links highlighted in this blog.  I put them in case you are interested in them.  The D9 hostings is obvious, but the HTML link take you to a site that has free HTML code for you to use on your site.

Cheers,  Jay

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Week 4, Marketing Masterclass

I everyone.  Yesterday being Monday it was time to receive week 4 of the Masterclass.  Guess what?  It came on time.  I thought we would be ready to go with the Graphics from Planet Divinity, I mean with the slight problems I had, I still got mine within a day, but alas other haven’t ordered any yet.  So John gave us week 5 in week 4.  Then next week we will truly do week 4.  But this is week 4….hay it can’t be that complicated.

So this week we registered with AWeber for people registering with our blog.  AWeber handles mail listings, keeps track of registrants, and with only a small time from us doing setups and verbalizing, emails comfirmations and thank yous.  Really pretty great and very much needed if you are to do internet marketing.

The bottom line this week was to register/create and account with AWeber, create our first list, edit sign-up settings, get the AWeber code, edit the AWeber code to fit our page, then install the code to our blog.  This was all very easy and I completed the entire weeks lesson in less than two hours.  I did not rush at all.  I read all the written content, viewed each entire video lesson, and even looked at the videos provided by AWeber for each step.

Cheers, Jay

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