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Easy Video Suite Has Arrived

Easy Video Suite has been much anticipated in the Internet Marketing World. The product Easy Video Suite is Josh Bartlett’s most recent product based on his “Easy Video Player” and “Easy Video Player 2.0.” just pre-launched today. He will start delivery on 15 January.

The Easy Video Player, Easy Video Player 2.0, and Easy Video Suite all work great to add videos anywhere on your WordPress website. Just like the names indicate “EASY” is the description that fits best. Even the linkage to Amazon S3 is easy. Click on one of the links here in this post to see Josh’s video and get more information on this terrific product.

Easy Video Suite has a built in Video SEO area. This means once you add in your keywords and phrases it is attached to the video. There is no going into the .css that you have to worry about.

I personally do not know of any major marketer who does not already use EVP or EVP2.0. Being an insider, I know for sure that many are ready to BUY EASY VIDEO SUITE and Market it.

What Easy Video Suite Can Do

It is very hard to encapsulate all the options that Easy Video Suite offers. Here is a hint: You can actually record, edit, render, convert, and upload all from within this desktop app!

The Really Cool Stuff

  Okay, here is the geek stuff that all of us marketers would love to have in any tool we buy, that very few of them even think about adding to their new products. Luckily Josh thought about this stuff because, well, he is kind of a geek. That is my opinion at least. 😉 I mean this in a good way.   EVS has a desktop app for Mac and PC, as well as, iPhone and Android app’s to record videos straight in to Easy Video Suite.   You can record your computer screen or from your camera with Easy Video Suite. Yep built right in.

Easy Video Suite – Ease of Use

Of course Easy Video Suite is easy to use. It is even easier that EVP or EVP2. Selecting options you want to include or exclude is only a click of a button.   Easy Video Suite automatically converts videos to the best format for web so you don’t have to investigate which works best and then convert your videos.   The one thing marketers like to do to their videos is to promote their own brand. Well with Easy Video Suite you can add an animated entrance of each video on your site.

Easy Video Suite – The Time Line

With the video time line you can create chapters that viewers can skip to in your video. So you can create longer videos broken up into chapters and the viewer can click back and forth as the wish.   Using the time line you can create playlists that string together multiple videos which is useful for videos training or music videos.

Easy Video Suite – Attention Getter’s and List Building

You can animate and stylize video overlays to grab viewer attention. This is good for adding an Opt-in box at the time you want it to during the viewing. Easy Video Suite works with AWeber and other auto-responders. Let’s say a nice little box floating into position. Or how about a BUY NOW button that connects to PayPal or other pay system?   The page layouts for video pages and skins are ALL BRAND NEW. All you have to do is click on one to select it. Try all of them and see which looks best for your site.

EVP and EVP 2.0 were a great players, but now with Easy Video Suite it is no longer just a player. Easy Video Suite is a recorder, a video converter, a split-tester, a video web page creator, and a bunch more. So, now you no longer have to worry about figuring out how to post videos. Nor do you have to worry about recording videos, converting videos, creating video sales pages, adding social share buttons.   Click on any of the links here to watch a video from Josh showing the capabilities of EVS.   All I can say is WOW! This software IS the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can’t wait to start converting some of my posts into video, convert my ebook products into video and work with my clients to improve their marketing programs.

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4 thoughts on “Easy Video Suite

  1. Hi Jay, this looks like a good piece of kit. I know many marketers who use EVP, I have considered it myself in the past and this looks like a great ‘upgrade’. Hope you have a great 2013, Jay.

    Enjoy the journey.


    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Mandy,

      All the normal big wigs are on the leader board. Having those huge lists kills anyone trying to make a name for themselves. But hopefully I will sell a few to pay for me buying EVS and some other plugins. I’m at the point to expand more and buy some more tools. 😉


  2. Hey Jay,

    Nice site my man and I see ya cruising the leaderboard.LOL

    Really great post and a very nice blog.

    To your continued success,

    David Caudill

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Thanks David,

      I’m going through a revamp with more focus on WordPress Stuff. But EVS works with everything and perfect for WP.

      I have also done up a page for my Marketing Tools and Methods area which will magically appear on EVS Launch Day, January 15th. I’m slowly filling in this area with lots of individual pages that are in the works. When I get my EVS I’ll be including some videos on those pages also.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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