eBay Domination Course [80 Videos for $27]

Hi everyone,

John Thornhill of PlanetSMS sent me an email about this terrific product that he is promoting.  I thought it looked like a great deal, so I am sharing it with you.  You see I am an affliliate for his Mentorship Monthly  program (another program of his which has been a great help with our business).  He says that “This is probably the most comprehensive eBay video series you will ever see, and I know it will help your subscribers.”  Adeel must do a great job with his products if John is promoting him.

This may seem insignificant to you, but I’ve been working with John since February 2009.  He is one of the most successful internet marketers in the world.  I can tell you that in dealing with him on a weekly basis in his Marketing Masterclass that he is an honorable individual and does not promote products unless he has checked them out and has interacted with the product owner.  He is always looking to help people succeed, so he shares his knowledge and products he truly believes will help others.

While this read is a bit long, pay close attention to it.  This is not one of those fly by night promotions.

The $27 price is temporary so act now.  The new price will be around $197.  This $27 offer site will only be up for a few weeks.  So if you think you’ll need this training in the next year or two, I’d jump on it for this price if I were you.  But if you are rich…I guess you can wait for the price to go up.  Personally, I am getting this eBay Domination Course NOW because I plan to use this information within a year and I know the product will be what Adeel says it is, because John has decided to promote it.

This is the email:

Hi Jay,

If you trade on eBay or want to start trading on eBay you simply must check this out.

Over 12 Months Ago Adeel Chowdry started work on what I strongly believe is the most comprehensive
video series showing you how to profit from eBay.

Imagine working on a product for over 12 months?

That’s dedication.

Adeel had created a ton of stuff related to selling information on eBay but then when eBay banned the sale of digitally delivered products he stopped working on his product. Until now!

I think I should leave the rest to Adeel, the creator of Spy Auction Riches. Here’s the email he sent me and asked me to forward to you.

If you just want to check out what Adeel has to say online head over to:


From Adeel,

Woohoo…today is QUESTION and ANSWER day!

I’ve been getting tons of Q’s to I’m going to answer them here for everyone.

Question; eBooks can’t be sold on eBay any more so will your course still work?

Answer; eBooks still  *CAN* be sold in certain formats on eBay. Whilst the digital ban DID kill a  lot of
businesses, the smart sellers are only getting  *stronger*.

Many smart people are now putting their digital eBooks onto discs (cds/dvds) & selling them that way.

((but  creating cd/dvds is so much hard work))

Well, yes and no.

You’ll  only have to put in the effort to do things ONCE…

The key here is  *AUTOMATION* and in setting up the products one time.

There are online services you can use to create, pack, and ship your discs for under $2 each! So you’ll
want to make your business as hands free as possible.

Not only that, but DISCS have a much HIGHER perceived value than eBooks. That same eBook sold on a disc can be
sold for much more than if you just sold it as a digital download.

Many people are STILL selling cheapo eBooks on cd’s and only making pennies..their still doing it all wrong.

What YOU need to do (I’ll show  you in the course) is find the profitable products, and then sell your own
versions/something similar to your competitors.

Learn more at http://469444q9whb9nteq-ilgldyn1a.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=JLBLOG


ANOTHER thing I see people doing wrong on eBay is *NOT* building up a customer database/mailing list. A  BUYERS
list is the most valuable asset you could ever have.

A list of around just 850 cd buyers generated me $1600 in a recent promotion I  did. It DIDN’T cost me any thing, no eBay fees, no ppc fees, nothing. This  is all because I create a mailing customer list of each and every buyer  that has a transaction through me. SMART…I know 🙂 I’ll show you how  to do EVERYTHING inside the course.

So yeah, even selling $2 cd’s on eBay can be worth it… because you’re building up a huge customer database of PAYING people.

You then work those leads through a funnel. i.e. you sell them or offer them something GREATER than what  they
just purchased (must be relevant to original purchase).  Then you  can implement all sorts of marketing techniques
such as upsell, cross sells and backend offers.

Learn more at http://469444q9whb9nteq-ilgldyn1a.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=JLBLOG


If you want to sell on eBay, then you  have to accept the fact that you are NOT just an eBay seller…BUT a MARKETER.

You’ve got to be able to sell not only the products, but yourself too.

Ebayers are people who sell stuff on eBay as a hobby, like dirty old stamps and socks, people who run garage sales just to get rid of their stuff, and so on.

If you want to make serious dough on eBay, then you’ve got to accept that you are a MARKETER and then have to learn how to become a GOOD one.

This is how I’ve been able to  transition from selling on eBay to selling on the internet.

I’ve  used my eBay strategies and marketing skills that I learnt ON eBay -> to  start making a full time income online
marketing my own products through my  websites OFF EBAY.  My first product sold over $10,000 (off eBay) this YEAR (in April). So my strategies & techniques work ON and OFF.

SO if anyone says my course is OLD just because I made it last year, THEY don’t know any better.

Techniques and policies will ALWAYS change, but CORE fundamentals will NOT. With strong foundations and
knowledge, you’ll be able to adjust in ANY climate.

Once  you go through my ISpy course, you’ll not only become a good eBay seller  with a great solid foundation to start off with, but a good ONLINE  marketer. Think of eBay as a platform for creating just one stream of income. You’ll then be able to use the internet and your websites for another.

Learn more at http://469444q9whb9nteq-ilgldyn1a.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=JLBLOG


QUESTION; I live in Canada, am I restricted to eBay Canada site, or can I also use eBay.com to make money…I am wondering  if you know anything about this?

ANSWER; You are NOT restricted to only selling on ebay Canada, in fact, you can sell on ANY eBay international site you want!


QUESTION; Will you show us how to sell physical products?

ANSWER; YEP. You get a complete module on how I import my items, where I get them from, HOW I select what to sell, HOW I select who to spy on and copy and a LOT more  🙂


I really don’t want you to miss this.

I took me *THREE* months to make these videos and I’m practically giving them away for $27(I was going to  sell them for $197). But you have to be QUICK, because I’m going to  increase the price AND take the site down within
a few days, just to give the fast people a head start.

In the course I cover;

> Making Money Selling eBooks
> Setup – ebay, mydd, aweber setup  etc
> Resell Rights
> Increasing Value
> Outsourcing
> Niche Product Research
> Public Domain Riches
> Automating The Whole System
> Back-End Profits
> AdSense
> Branding
> CONFIDENTIAL  <– My fave vid !
> Affiliate Marketing
> Viral Marketing
> Buying Leads
> Software
> Private Label Rights
> Profits With Physical Products
> Real Wholesalers
> Where To Get Cheap Products From
> Increasing The Perceived Value
> Complimenting The Purchase
> Direct Marketing
> Delivery Methods

I literally cover everything there is to know about eBay!

Get in NOW, while you still can.



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Weeks 9 and 10 – Marketing Masterclass

Hi Everyone,

Week 9 of the Masterclass was to continue to define our niche and researching what type of product we were going to produce and evolve into an eBook.  We did research all over the internet and our last and final place we checked was ClickBank to determine if our niche and product was a viable selection.  My wife and I made a final decision that our first niche would be “Green Technologies” as I indicated in week 8.  Our first product which we are working on is an eBook that explains what renewable energy is.  So of course we thought a good title would be “Renewable Energy Explained” and we are hard at work making our product the best it can be.

Week 10 (this past week) we were to accomplish several things to move us forward.  First we had to finalize our product name, which my wife and I did last week.  Next was to order a domain name for the product.  So, I went to D9 Hosting to see if my product name was available in a domain name (which it was) and then I ordered and registered the name for our business through D9 Hosting.  Next on the list, John wanted us to develop the chapter titles of our eBook.  We already had our product in an outline format, so we were already done with this phase.

The last thing we were to accomplish was to order our eBook web site template through Planet Divinity.  This was something I was really excited about.  When we built our current site it was very bland until we had the chance to order and install our Header and Footer graphics through Planet Divinity.  I remember that it was the first time I felt proud to have a web site out there where everyone could see it.

This time, ordering from Planet Divinity was the same experience.  I went to the site, ordered the package, paid for it then was taken to a page to explain the details I wanted in it.  It was very easy and took about 5 minutes.  In less than 48 hours Steve at Planet Divinity had my whole package (eBook web site template) done.  Besides that I had asked him to do the graphics for my eBook cover and the 12 chapters with the titles.  You guessed it, it all came in the same email.  Easy to order, work accomplished FAST and great looking.  What else could you expect.  I’ve come to expect excellence from Planet Divinity and why not?  They have ALWAYS performed that way.

Now we get down to Week 11.  I can’t wait to see my product site!!


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Like the “GREEN” posts?

If you are enjoying the little “Green” tidbits we have been blogging, check out our new site and blog at www.ourgreenlifebiz.com. There is also a  link in the top/right column.

We decided everyone needs to “Go Green” to some extent to improve our world.  We are not fanatics about, just doing what fits how we live.  We are doing simple things like florescent lights vice incandescent bulbs (replacing them as they burn out), keeping the appropriate air in our vehicles tires, etc.  

I intend to write an entire blof about this on our “Green” site just to let people know how easy it is to help the environment all over the world.


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Masterclass Week 7

Well we are moving forward in John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass.  This week we are continuing to Blog and to review each others sites to get ideas for are own sites and to help others that are having problems with things we have already resolved on our own.  To that point John has now set up a Masterclass Forum so we can get to know each other better and share our knowledge and experiences with each other.  The forum has only been up just over a day now and let me tell you it is being well used.  I learned several things about HTML coding in posts and blogs.  John posted an additional video about sending a bulk email out from our AWeber account using our lists being developed through our blogs which helped me for the future.  I would love to send out a bulk email, but lets be serious….at this point I only have 4 subscribers.  Guess I need to drive more traffic to my site. (I can use help here people!)

In any case this week is stretching me into areas that I have never been involved with before.  I never used a forum before, but it seems to be working out well.  Then by reading one of my classmates help pages I followed him to Twitter where I now have an account.  Follow me to Twitter  See what I mean, this is all new to me, but I am making progress.


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Footer Credits overwriting Graphics Fix

Hi all,

I figured out a way to change the credits in the footer while still maintaining those great looking graphics.  It’s pretty simple.

In the admin panel go to Edit Themes/Editor then select the Stylesheet file.  Scroll down in the code to the footer information…I think it is the 3rd and forth annotations, one is footer left and the other footer right.  In the padding line of each there are three numbers.  Change the first number 10px to 30px in each of the left and right footer annotations, then update the file.

This moves the text from the middle of the graphics verbage to below them.  So you can still give credit where credit is due and have your graphics too.

You can see the change in my footer.  Hope this helps!  😉


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Week 6 – Marketing Masterclass

Hello Everyone,

Here we are at week six and at the end of the first phase that John has for us.  As you can see (by checking the Masterclass Blog sites in the far right hand column) we have all made wonderful progress.  As we move forward I think you will begin to see all of us making changes to please our own preferences on our pages.

This week we had our first Webinar with John.  The scheduled time was had for me to meet, so I watched the video that John taped during the meeting.  It was good to see that many of the questions we had were pretty much the same and that videos for our technical questions would be forthcoming for our reference.  Although there were minor glitches, John and “The Associates” did a terrific job with the presentation.

We have tasks to blog more, check out each others sites and comment on them, help each other where possible, and get to know each other better.  All of this is  pretty pleasant, but it does take time.  I still have not been to all of the Masterclass sites….but I am working on it.  I know others have been to my site because they left comments (which I replied to).

This week I think Daniel Sumner provided all of us with a Widget that lists all the Masterclass Blogs randomly each time the page is refreshed.  I think it’s cool and fits in what we are doing with each other.  Then Planet Divinity and Dave Nicholson gave us access to an important tool for increasing traffic to our sites called “Total Web Traffic” that I will study and comment on in later blogs.

I have to reiterate that everyone involved in this class is great to work with and always helpful.  The cooperation between everyone is making this class an experience of a lifetime.  So thanks John, Dan, Dave, Paula and anyone I am forgetting.


The photo above was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Shenandoah mountains on the way to the 2006 Virginia State Harley Owners Group (HOG) Rally being held in Lynchburg, Virginia.


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