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Blogging has become very prevalent on the internet. Whether you are blogging for fun, writing a journal, informational training or for making money, it is all good for your site.

What I like about having a blog is that even if you’re a business you have direct access to your readers and can obtain feedback from them to improve your business. This is very valuable information that you would otherwise obtain from some statistician and that you would have to pay for.

Having a blog builds your reputation online which can build trust with your readers. This is important when you want to sell one of your products or sell as an affiliate marketer.

Blogging – Basic Tools

This is what you need in place for a Successful, Money Making Blog.

  • The WordPress Platform and Proper Blogging Training
  • Products to sell. Either your own or Affiliate Products
  • List Building and Email Marketing Software like AWeber (Training is built into the product)
  • A Payment System like PayPal so you can get paid
  • If you are going to sell several products it would be smart to have an E-Store Plugin.
  • If you intent to have your very own products, you’ll want to have affiliates to sell them for you. Then you will need an Affiliate Platform to provide them tools, keep track of them and pay them.

Blogging is Good For Your Site

Blogging is good for your site. There are several reasons why you should be blogging on your website. Here is a list of some of them by importance.

  1. Blogging creates new content for the site. New original content that your readers can use is what search engines like Google and Bing just love. The better the post, the better Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and the more frequent you post, the higher the page ranking. Therefore, the more traffic you should generate. EVERYONE NEEDS TRAFFIC!
  2. Blogging keeps you in touch at a personal level with your readers. Your readers get to take a good look at you and your values. Be sure to sell yourself appropriately as you wish known by others.
  3. Your blogging platform is a good way to promote products, review articles or products or just express your opinion. For example, if you take a look at the 350 post I have on this site you will find posts about NASCAR Racing (I’m a big fan), about our dogs (we do rescue work), training information for WordPress, Internet Marketing and of course blogging, reviews of products and sites that are related to my site content, and of course product reviews and promotions.

Blogging and Making Money

No Blog – Did you know that you don’t even have to have a website to make money with blogging? Well it is true. I have made money by writing posts that have good SEO and selling them on Fiverr, Warrior Forum and through private negotiations with partners. From these same articles I have gained traffic to my sites and exposure to the public.

Advertisements – You can sell space on your site for advertisements from private companies or join Google Adsense that plugs in related adds within your site. But the advertisements that I prefer are affiliate promotions (you make more money). You can find out more by going to my Marketing Tools and Methods area and selecting Affiliate Marketing. You can become an affiliate for Learn To Blog and earn fast money.

Blogging Platform

Choosing the right blogging platform is an important decision. I have been building websites for over 15 years on and off. I worked hard, long hours to make ends meet. Those were the days that you had to know several types of coding and there were not any easy methods to get a site up and going. As a matter of fact, finding training for the coding was difficult.

Luckily today there are website platforms that are pretty much load and tweak to get what you need and you don’t have to know code.

In 2009 I was taking a internet marketing course (to bring myself up to date) and I was introduced to WordPress. It was new at the time and was very basic. However in the the short period of time that they have been around they have become the largest, most used website platform in the world.

Now all of my websites are WordPress sites. It is a free platform that is always being improved by coders across the globe. Plugins (scrips and code) to accomplish individual tasks and formats make it the easiest platform to do just about anything with your site. There are common plugins for SEO, site themes (looks and function), spam prevention, advertisements, galleries, ecommerce (store) and many others for free, right from the WP library. There are also premium plugins that you pay for on the internet and can even have custom plugins designed for whatever you wish on your site. Then you just plug them in.

Blogging Conclusion

To do a good job blogging, you need to learn the best methods and tricks to get noticed online. You also need to know your blogging platform so you get the looks and functions you desire, as well as, how to get traffic, have appropriate site security, and many more issues you need to be aware of.

Lucky for you there is a site that can teach you everything you need to know about WordPress and Blogging. This is step by step video training on all topics. You can even request individual videos if they aren’t already in the course training. Plus they have an active forum with a terrific Forum Moderator (me) and a private Facebook Group.

I did a video category writeup about WordPress Classroom in which I will be adding the new Learn To Blog categories when I have the time to complete my viewing of them. We already have around 200 videos in the course library.


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