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Hi y’all.  (no I’m not from the south…originally from Minnesota but have lived in Virginia for 20+ years)

I want to tell you about this terrific site if you are doing anything in the realm of Internet Marketing.  I know there are hundreds of sites out there claiming to be the best and I’ve looked at many of those sites.  Most of the time they offer some of the things you’d be interested in but the cost is too much.  You can do what I used to do roming from this site to that site for individual items, but why do that when you can go to just one site and get what you need.  You only have to deal with one site for all your needs and they are great to deal with whatever your need.  I have first hand experience dealing with Planet Divinity.  No matter what problems I’ve encountered (self generated by me) they have always been helpful in resolving them even though they were not their problems.  Having partnerships like this in business is a very important commodity.

Planet Divinity offers many things on it’s site.  The key offerings are PRE-MADE WEBSITES for AdSense and  E-book that you can host and immediately begin earning money on the Internet.  They also offer CUSTOM SITES built exactly to your specifications.  They also offer CUSTOM WEBSITE GRAPHICS for every need whether it be Headers, Footers, Logo’s or just funny looking characters they can do it all.  CUSTOM PHYSICAL GRAPHICS are also available for CD Cases, Disc Labels, etc.  THIS IS TRUE PROFFESIONAL DESIGN AT INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE PRICES.  Most of the time they will have graphics completed for you within 48 hours.  Just try to find a place that offers that timeline without an additional cost…you will not find even one.  Personally I have never waited longer than over night for my graphics.  Terrific work completed at the speed of the Internet….imagine that!!

Please check Planet Divinity out for your business or personal needs.  I am sure you will be satisfied with anything you purchase from them.  Notice the new header and footer graphics on this page that I added during the week of 2 March 2009 during my John Thornhill’s Master Marketing Class.  These graphics were purchased from Planet Divinity.  While you are visiting the site check out the software tools they offer to make Internet Marketing easy for you. You will be very glad you did.  They have G R E A T deals.  😉



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2 thoughts on “Your Internet Marketing Store

  1. Jim Garvin says:

    Hi Jay

    I agree about the work that Planet Divinity does they also did the header and footer grahics for mmy site.

    They are a great resource Thanks for sharing

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Jim,

      I plan to continue using Planet Divinity for all my future graphics and probably some of their products also as I grow. It is very important to have relationships in business but even more so in Internet marketing. So why take my business somewhere else?


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