Boost Your Article Marketing

Boost Your Article Marketing

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Article marketing is a great way to market your business online. Article marketing is free and it’s also extremely effective. However, there is a lot more you can be doing with every single article you write. You can actually create a lot more content, and take advantage of a lot more marketing opportunities with every article you write. Here are 3 ways for you to boost your article marketing.

The first way to boost your article marketing is to take that article and build a social networking page around it. There are a lot of popular social networking sites. You can take your article and plug it into a social networking page. Then add a few other elements to the page (depending on what the social networking site offers) and just like that you’ll have more content on the Internet. It will probably take you less than 30 minutes too.

Another great way to boost your article marketing is to make every article you write a blog entry. You should have at least 1 blog in every niche you make money in. You might have several blogs. But every time you write an article, you want to post it on your blog as a new blog entry. You do want to change the title. You might also want to change a few sentences in the body of the article. However, slight changes are all that’s really needed. Within minutes you can easily make your article into a blog entry.’

The last of the 3 ways to boost your article marketing is to make your article into a video. This is much easier then you might think. You can actually use free software to make the video or you can just use a web cam and make the video directly on YouTube. The video can be as simple as you reading the article slowly and clearly. Even a basic video like this will get views and will help you with the online marketing of your business.

There you have 3 ways to boost your article marketing. You shouldn’t just write the article, post it online, and then forget about it. Instead you should use the article to create a social networking page, make a blog entry, and create a video. It will take very little time to do these 3 things and it will result in a lot of great content on the Internet for you and your business.

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