Marketing Questions and Answers

Marketing Questions and Answers – Introduction

How dMarketing Questions and Answerso you find answers to your questions? We all have marketing questions and answers are hard to find. I can tell you from years of experience that YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE QUESTIONS. The longer you are on-line and the more questions you get good answers to, the smarter you will be. If you apply all you learn to your website the better your business will become.

If you noticed, I used the term Good Answers. This is because there is a lot of trash content on the internet. I’ve spent quite a sum of money on bad information. I thought I was getting a “good deal” but instead I just wasted my hard earned cash.

Trust me, ALL online marketers and bloggers have wasted money on bad information. The reason I am writing this post is to share with you my process of finding good information for my questions. I’ll also share some of my sources that I use. There is no bad information from these sources. The products and training I’ll share with you are solid, affordable and products that are updated routinely.

If you are a new online marketer be fore warned…..there is NO OVERNIGHT GET RICH QUICK METHOD. Making money online takes time, good tools and great site content. It is a contact sport, meaning social connections area all important just like in normal business.

Marketing Questions and Answers – Where to Find Answers Online

This is where the meat of the article begins. Finding answers to our online problems is key to have success with our online endeavors. Obviously I cannot write about every single method to find information online. However, I cover all the main avenues and show you the benefit of each one.

Additionally, there is great stock in information gleaned from tools or programs online. These can provided categorized information related specifically related to what you are looking for.

Marketing Questions and Answers – Google – The obvious choice of finding anything online is of course Mastering how to search with Google is a huge advantage over your competitors. Selecting the correct keyword to get the results you need is a learned art. Single keywords are best. The less words you use, the better the results. If you have to use a phrase, keep it short. The search engine starts to get confused with too many words. This is due to the improved algorithms created over the years.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use. Find out what they searched for to get to your page. Find what page they landed on from their search. Just from these couple of items you can learn how good your keywords are. Maybe you can tweak them to improve landing on your page. Of course there is much more to find out about your site and what to learn from the stats Google puts together for you. Training is built right into their site. Even if you don’t have time to learn all about it right away, you can do it a bit at a time. However collecting the data is very important to start. It costs nothing and is very important. So establish an account and start collecting.

What Can Google Analytics do for you?

Build Your Audience: Know Your Audience | Trace the Customer Path | See What They Are Up To — You have to learn about your viewers. Find out where they are coming from, what page they land on (from searches), how they move through your site, and if they purchase any of your products. You can learn trends of your viewers and improve the layout of your site for future viewers

Sell and Convert: Reach Your Performance Goals | Reach the Right Audience | Reach Peak Capacity —  Find out what your viewers are clicking, ads, video, etc. then find out where they are buying from. How fast are your pages loading? You can improve them by following tips from that stats.

The whole idea of collecting stats is so you can collect real time data to improve your site and improve your business. Google Analytics is the best way to collect the data, know what the data means and give you insight on how to improve everything.

Google Adsense

Everyone knows that Google Adsense is a good way to collect a passive income by placing ads on your site and people clicking them (pay per click or (PPC)). You can do this for FREE, so each click is profit for you. It is also a good way for you to promote your site or products by listing ads. You can set a limit to how much you wish to spend each month. Pretty simple to improve traffic to your site.

You can learn much more from Google on the AdSense site or by following them on Twitter and blog. The real training is in their “AdSense Academy” and the Reference Links.

I emphasis that unless you are posting ads, it is free to list ads on your site and make a little bit of money. The more people click, the more you make. Add a couple ads to your site and start covering some of you expenses…then list your ads with the extra cash and build your following.

Marketing Questions and Answers – Facebook Groups

FaceBook Private pages  or groups are closed areas within FACEBOOK that you have to request permission to join. Many of these are connected to Membership Websites and are used in lieu of Forums. The Private FB pages are more dynamic than most forums so many memberships are using them vice the site based forums. They save maintenance time and managing each member by using FB.

Here are a couple of Private FaceBook Groups that I belong to which augments their membership site:

Learn to Blog

The membership site with a free blog that has step by step videos teaching everything from building a WP site and making money on the internet. All in one place for one price. Free webinar series that all end up in the members area and additional content all the time. They even have some really cool premium plugins that are free to members. The FB Group page is basically an open forum for any and all questions. While there are moderators (me for one) that assist folks, you have the help of all the members from all types of backgrounds and expertise. This means answers to just about anything.

EasyVideoSuite (EVS)

Is considered the best video software you can buy. It is an all inclusive program from making videos (right from your desktop or phone or video camera); editing which includes adding opt-ins and offers right in the videos; saving it in all the best formats (all at the same time); building video squeeze pages; saving everything in Amazon S3, so all you do is copy and paste a code where you want it to appear on your site; Then to top it off it provides the best format for whatever player the viewer is using (phone, tablet, desktop, laptop).

There is much more that it does but you’ll have to take a look at the link to check things out for yourself. I bought EVS in January 2013 during it’s launch. I’ve been playing with it whenever I get a chance so I know what I am doing for clients. The first is a video music lessons site and just recently a new site for outdoors sports (hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, zip lines, etc.) I can’t wait to start this one.

Marketing Questions and Answers – Forums

Start to follow high traffic, well known Forums in your niche on a regular basis. Visit one or two per day. Be active in reading and learning from the posts and make notable comments related to each post (remember it is your reputation you are building). Then look at other peoples comments and if they have questions you can answer, be helpful and post an answer. So you are learning and helping at the same time and building your expert status as well.

If you have a post on your blog that answers a question for someone, write a short concise answer and leave a link to your post (building back links). I’ll tell you a secret, I got the job of forum Moderator for the WordPress Classroom and now the Learn to Blog FaceBook Page by searching/finding answers to other people questions. Matt took note of this and when he wanted a moderator, I was the choice.

If you are in an online niche, Warrior Forum is a great way to interact with a world-wide group of marketers. Warrior Forum is a good place to find some fantastic tools to help you make money for a small sum. You can also set up your own Warrior Special Offers (WSO’s) to promote your products.

Marketing Questions and Answers – Blogs

Start to follow high traffic, well known blogs in your niche on a regular basis. Visit one or two per day. Be active in reading and learning from the posts and make notable comments related to each post (remember it is your reputation you are building). Then look at other peoples comments and if they have questions you can answer, be helpful and post an answer. So, you are learning and helping at the same time and building your expert status as well. Therefore, if you have a post on your blog that answers a question for someone, write a short concise answer and leave a link to  your post (building back links).

Marketing Questions and Answers – Articles

A much underutilized mode of information are the article directory sites. One of the more prevalent sites is Ezine Articles. I think everyone should be searching this site for information on almost ANY Topic. I am also a firm believer that all marketers should write articles and post them on sites like this. It can build your notoriety online as an expert in your field and actually build traffic to your site. Also once you have articles listed you can link to them from your blog from related posts. It is all about linkage. Finally, this is an excellent source of information to get answers to your Broad range questions.

Marketing Questions and Answers – Training

For specific areas such as building a web site, product creation, video creation, etc. it is important to find proper training so you don’t waste your time and money on trash content. You need to find good training sources by searching Google, forums, blogs, etc.

My favorite method of finding great training of this type is to find out how some of the successful marketers (the big guys) got their training. No one just trips over concise training. You have to find it and review it to ensure it will provide your needs.

What type of training works best for you? This is a personal preference. You need to decide and find the type of training works best for you. So during your investigation consider video, step by step, overviews, ebooks or personal one on one training.

I received overall marketing training from John Thornhill in his first Marketing Masterclass. This was intensive personalized 52 weeks of training that cost around $1,500.

The Marketing Masterclass training involved:

  • Getting set up online with a domain, host, and website using WordPress
  • Tweaking the looks of the site
  • Choosing a niche
  • How to Blog and keep readers interested and continual traffic
  • Building an email list for email marketing (AWeber and opt-ins)
  • Creating backlinks
  • Product creation
  • Building an individual product squeeze/sales webpage
  • Setting up an account with ClickBank
  • Setting up an account with PayPal
  • Getting approval of the Sales site and product
  • Sending traffic to the product site

It was a great overall for all the things you need to know about to have a site and sell a product. Gaining the understanding of the overall processes was key to understand where I wanted my business to go. It also helped me decide on what additional training I wanted to pursue.

Marketing Questions and Answers – Conclusion

 I’ve now provided you with some great places to find a lot of your marketing questions and answers. Take your time and be sure you find “Good Answers” to your questions. There is so much trash info that can steer you in the wrong direction. Check out the links I’ve provided in this and see if the sites can help you with the answers you need to get you where you want to be.

I’ve provided a special trial offer to John Thornhill’s training. So, take a look at the squeeze page and read about what it offers. I think it covers the first 4 weeks, then there is a by-weekly charge until the total amount is paid. If it looks like something you want, join the class. If it is not what you are looking for don’t sign up. Never buy something that does not fit what you need or want.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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List Building Methods for Email Marketing

List Building Methods – Where to Begin

List Building MethodLooking for List Building Methods to grow your lists? If you have been trying to make money online, you have already heard the phrase that “The Money is in the List.” Well it is very true. However, you do not need a list to make money…..just more of it. 😉

The first List Building Methods question  appropriately is “where do I begin.” Luckily this is very simple if you have a website. Add an opt-in box to your site! Now the next question is where are these names and addresses stored? This is a bit trickier. WordPress does have a way to collect names and emails for users and log-ins, however if you want to make good use of your list, you need to invest in a top of the line Auto-Responder.

List Building Methods – Some Good Ideas

Adding a Website Opt-in Web Form on your Web Page we’ve already covered. This is a Static or In-Line Widget placed commonly in your sidebar. You can get a better result (more subscribers) by adding a free gift for the opt-in. So if you have an ebook product to give away add it and get those extra subscribers. This a basic List Building Methods.

Adding a Light Box Opt-In Web Form on your Web Page. A Light Box or sometimes called a Shadow Box is a Pop-Up that comes up a little while after the user is on the site. When it comes up, it shadows the background and it seems to Lighten the pop-up. It is a real attention getter and will get more Opt-Ins for your email list than the standard style or the normal Pop-Up. This is an exceptional List Building Methods. I recommend this option of Web Form.

Adding a Pop-Up Opt-In Web Form on your Web Page. Pop-Up is exactly like it sounds. After a user is on the site a bit, the opt-in form pops up over the landing page. This works better than the standard web form but the light box works the best. This is a good List Building Methods.

List Building MethodsThe Boomerang List Builder works with ANY auto-responder out there. Here is my biggest secret of my List Building Methods.

You don’t need to subscribe to AWeber, GetResponse or similar. If you want to use your own free custom solution that’s no problem, the Boomerang List Builder will work for you!

How does it work? It is very simple. You wrap your ebook pdf in Boomerang List Builder. It is a step by step process that you follow right in the software. You can add a graphic (like a picture of the ebook cover, and set changing codes or static codes that your client will need to subscribe to your list to get the code to open the product.

If they share your product the recipient will also have to subscribe to get the code to open it. So the more people share the file, the more subscribers you will get. I use these for give-a-ways and also on CNET free ebook products. On some of my sites I list products in an open page for download and they have to subscribe to open the books.

Now if you are thinking ahead, the software also has place to add your affiliate link to sell Boomerang and also gain sub-affiliates. This is one of the very best List Building Methods.

Become a Boomerang List Builder Affiliate

Joint Venture Give-A-Ways are always an option to get subscribers,  share your products and become better known.  Give A Ways are conducted on a routine basis and you can join almost any month. Choose a JV Give-A-Way that has products in your niche, join it and follow their instructions. After you go through the process a few times it is easy and you will quickly build your list.

JV Give-A-Way Tactics is a well known Give-A-Way program that you can look at for a possible program for yourself. This is the main JV Give A Way that I use when I want to add more subscribers. I also share them using Boomerang List Builder so they can share the product with their friends so I get even more subscribers. Give A Way programs are extremely important List Building Methods and also great for getting yourself known.

List Building Methods – What to look for in an Auto-Responder


There are several auto-responders that will work perfectly well for any small business with a small list. But what happens if the business takes off and you have thousands of  names on the list. Can you move them to a better auto-responder? The answer to this is NO in most cases, which means you need to choose wisely. The only Auto-Responder I would ever recommend is AWeber.

Try AWeber’s Email Marketing Tool Risk-Free

Auto-responders should be capable of the following:

  1. Multiple Lists – It is advantageous to have multiple lists for individual products, different opt-in boxes for tracking, and for multiple website opt-ins.
  2. Double Opt-in – This is when they give you their name and email and then have to confirm they wish to do this. It solidifies that they will remain on your list for a longer period of time.
  3. Thank You response message for signing up. – It is important to relate to your clients on a personal basis right off the bat. It would be a good idea to offer them a bonus for signing up right in the thank you message.
  4. Follow Up message  – After you’ve gained the subscriber it is important to provide content to them with some bonuses and tell them more about yourself. You can schedule a series of follow up messages, for instance once per week for as long as you’d like. The first time, you could write them manually and from then on they are automatically delivered when someone subscribes at the time you scheduled them.
  5. Broadcast Messages – You can select one list or several of your lists for email campaigns. Be sure your content is valuable and worthwhile to you subscribers. Add a free product with an up-sale to additional content to the free product or something related to it.
  6. Blog Broadcast or Newsletter – You should always send out newsletter when you created and published a new post or page. You can also add information of your upcoming events or personal adventures.
  7. Web Form Creation Tool – You’ll want to have opt-in forms that fit the look of your site. You’ll want to have the capability to add graphics to the web form like a book cover for a product they will get for subscription.  Options for Static Boxes, Light Boxes and regular Pop-Ups. Then you’ll need the capability to provide that code yu add to your site to make it happen.
  8. List Statistics – How many people subscribed, unsubscribed, when they subscribed/unsubscribed, total number of subscribers per list and overall total, etc.
  9. Email Tracking – List Name, What list you’ve sent to; Sent Date, Date you sent the email; Subject, Title of the email; Sent, How many people you sent it to; Bounces, How many bad email addresses and did not get delivered; Complaints, How many people did not appreciate your email; Opens, How many people opened your email, Clicks, How many people clicked a link in the email; Sales, How many people purchased through the email.
  10. Applications (APPS) – WordPress Web Form Widget – Allows you to add/change a Web Form right from your Admin Panel; Facebook Web Form Widget, Allows you to add/change a Web Form right from your Facebook Page; PayPal App, Allows you to capture opt-in for anyone who buys through your PayPal enabled storefront. There are many more also. These are just a sample of what is available.

Obviously AWeber has all of the above and more. The training videos are great, plus they send out tips for writing emails, titling, marketing in general and of course the latest trends. No other Auto-Responder does all these type of things. Having an Auto-Responder like AWeber is the most important tool you can own for List Building Methods.

List Building Methods – Video Opt-In

There is a new product out (January 2013) called Easy Video Suite (EVS) that combines many tools into one tool for recording, editing, splicing videos together and publishing them. Do you want to know more about Easy Video Suite?

How does Video Marketing relate to List Building Methods? Well the point to me mentioning it here is the option to include an opt-in box that pops-up any time you want in the video. The box pops-up and the video stops until they subscribe. This makes it one of the most powerful tools for getting subscribers. You let them watch and get interested then the pop-up comes in when they are wanting more. It’s a genius idea from the creator, Josh Bartlett. If you will ever do any video marketing you should go take a look at this soon, because right now he is offering a great deal for the launch.

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Easy Video Suite

Easy Video Suite Has Arrived

Easy Video Suite has been much anticipated in the Internet Marketing World. The product Easy Video Suite is Josh Bartlett’s most recent product based on his “Easy Video Player” and “Easy Video Player 2.0.” just pre-launched today. He will start delivery on 15 January.

The Easy Video Player, Easy Video Player 2.0, and Easy Video Suite all work great to add videos anywhere on your WordPress website. Just like the names indicate “EASY” is the description that fits best. Even the linkage to Amazon S3 is easy. Click on one of the links here in this post to see Josh’s video and get more information on this terrific product.

Easy Video Suite has a built in Video SEO area. This means once you add in your keywords and phrases it is attached to the video. There is no going into the .css that you have to worry about.

I personally do not know of any major marketer who does not already use EVP or EVP2.0. Being an insider, I know for sure that many are ready to BUY EASY VIDEO SUITE and Market it.

What Easy Video Suite Can Do

It is very hard to encapsulate all the options that Easy Video Suite offers. Here is a hint: You can actually record, edit, render, convert, and upload all from within this desktop app!

The Really Cool Stuff

  Okay, here is the geek stuff that all of us marketers would love to have in any tool we buy, that very few of them even think about adding to their new products. Luckily Josh thought about this stuff because, well, he is kind of a geek. That is my opinion at least. 😉 I mean this in a good way.   EVS has a desktop app for Mac and PC, as well as, iPhone and Android app’s to record videos straight in to Easy Video Suite.   You can record your computer screen or from your camera with Easy Video Suite. Yep built right in.

Easy Video Suite – Ease of Use

Of course Easy Video Suite is easy to use. It is even easier that EVP or EVP2. Selecting options you want to include or exclude is only a click of a button.   Easy Video Suite automatically converts videos to the best format for web so you don’t have to investigate which works best and then convert your videos.   The one thing marketers like to do to their videos is to promote their own brand. Well with Easy Video Suite you can add an animated entrance of each video on your site.

Easy Video Suite – The Time Line

With the video time line you can create chapters that viewers can skip to in your video. So you can create longer videos broken up into chapters and the viewer can click back and forth as the wish.   Using the time line you can create playlists that string together multiple videos which is useful for videos training or music videos.

Easy Video Suite – Attention Getter’s and List Building

You can animate and stylize video overlays to grab viewer attention. This is good for adding an Opt-in box at the time you want it to during the viewing. Easy Video Suite works with AWeber and other auto-responders. Let’s say a nice little box floating into position. Or how about a BUY NOW button that connects to PayPal or other pay system?   The page layouts for video pages and skins are ALL BRAND NEW. All you have to do is click on one to select it. Try all of them and see which looks best for your site.

EVP and EVP 2.0 were a great players, but now with Easy Video Suite it is no longer just a player. Easy Video Suite is a recorder, a video converter, a split-tester, a video web page creator, and a bunch more. So, now you no longer have to worry about figuring out how to post videos. Nor do you have to worry about recording videos, converting videos, creating video sales pages, adding social share buttons.   Click on any of the links here to watch a video from Josh showing the capabilities of EVS.   All I can say is WOW! This software IS the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can’t wait to start converting some of my posts into video, convert my ebook products into video and work with my clients to improve their marketing programs.

Find out more about Video Marketing with:

Jay Mueller | Making Money on the

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Importance of a Blog for Your Website

Why Have a Blog


Once you create a WordPress Website you should refine established basic blog skills. A blog can do many things for you.

Pay attention to the things you can do to create the perfect blog post that has good content, good SEO and that can bring traffic to your site.

All it takes is a little extra attention to detail when you write your article.

Take the time to plan what you want to post, what keywords are applicable for you to use, what image will fit (include an Alt tag), and make it 300 to 500 words in length.

  1. A blog is your personal platform for you to express your opinion on basically anything you wish.
  2. Blogs allow you to interact with your readers through allowing Comments.
  3. Personal blogs allow you to share photos and videos.
  4. Website blogs provide an important part to monetize your site by write-ups and reviews for promoting products through affiliate marketing, sidebar widgets, Adsense, ClickBank, Amazon and many other methods.
  5. An online blog allows you to promote yourself as an expert in your niche.

Blog – Tips for Blogging Success

To be successful in anything, you need to learn what provides the best results. So, I’m including some of the most important things you can do to obtain best results for your blog.


Plan for Search Engine Optimization SEO

The most important key for a successful blog is to concentrate on creating the best original content for each of your posts. Plan ahead of time for what you want to write about. Content always trumps everything else. So once you determine what your topic will be, research the topic to provide the very best. Choose a topic, write up a draft to help you decide on possible keywords, then investigate how those keywords will react by using a tool called Google Keyword Tool Box.

You should also use an SEO Plugin such as WordPress SEO by Yoast (recommended) or All-In-One-SEO. I like the WordPress SEO plugin because once you set up the basic settings (My next post will be how best to do this), all you do is tweak your post until it turns green. It has a Page Analysis section which lists each category that Google and other ranking sites look for. When the light turns green, the category is good to go.

Add related outgoing and internal links to your post

I thought about this before I began writing this post. For instance I have a friend in the UK that took the John Thornhill Master Marketing Class from. She (Mandy Allen) runs a blog called Learn to Blog with Mandy Allen. Her latest post is “All I want for Christmas is…“. This is an example of external links. Another link I wanted to add in this post is for the renowned internet marketer Kim Roach posted called “How to Create a Wildly Popular Blog” which I encourage you to read, comment, and don’t forget to mention that I sent you there.

The internal link I want you to check out is “Find Great Blog Topics” that I posted way back in January 2011. The post is still very appropriate today as it was back then. Blog topics are sometimes hard to think up after you’ve been posting in a blog for a long time. The post shows you some good places to look for ideas.

Blog General Rule of Thumb

Use short concise sentences that get the point across and are easy to read. The magic number of words per post should be around 300 to 500 words. Your keyword or key phrase should be used in sub-headings within the page. Keyword density should be 1.5 to -5% of what you write. You should always include a related image with an Alt Tag attached.

So how is my SEO for this post? I have all green lights for all 12 items on the list.


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WordPress 3.5 – TwentyTwelve Theme

WordPress 3.5 – Upgrade Available

WordPress 3.5 - Twentytwelve Default ThemeIT IS FINALLY HERE! The long awaited newest version of WordPress has finally arrived. As of 11 December 2012, WordPress 3.5 along with the newest Default Theme TwentyTwelve is now available to everyone. As with any new version of WordPress, it is important for you to upgrade to the new version to ensure the most recent security issues are addressed.

There are four basic steps you always need to follow when you upgrade anything on your WordPress website. I think these are always worth mentioning because so many folks are just starting out in using WordPress and it is always a good reminder for all of using WordPress.

I’ve posted the steps to upgrade below, as well as, my thoughts about WordPress 3.5 and the new default TwentyTwelve Theme. I hope you find the information useful.

WordPress 3.5 – Upgrading

Before you upgrade your WordPress site to the new version, be sure to back up all of your files and databases just in case something goes awry during the upgrade. I did however upgrade all of my sites and client sites without any problems, but you just never know.


If you do not back up your site and you do have problems, contact you host to see of they will load a recent backup of your site. Most hosts have backups accomplished on a routine basis.

When you enter you Administrative area you’ll have a notification to upgrade to the new WordPress 3.5 version.

  2. Click the upgrade link and let it run all the way through the process. DO NOT get antsy and exit before it has completed the upgrade. This can cause huge problems with the site and you may have to reload the entire site before you try to upgrade again. Not something you will like….trust me.
  3. Once WordPress 3.5 has completed upgrading, you will be taken to a page that explains many of the new improvements. Read through this information to inform yourself on them and think about how you can use them to your advantage.
  4. Play with the improvements. Create a page or post and play with the gallery to see how easy it is. Play with the new color selector and see how more accurate you can match other colors on your site. You get the idea….explore!

WordPress 3.5 – Improvements

I think the biggest plus for most of us is the major change for the “re-imagined” ( word) flow for uploading photos and creating galleries. I played with this a bit last night and my photography studio clients are really going to love this. The process is easier and faster than ever. In my opinion the media loading and placement of them within the site has always been the Achilles Heal of WP. This is a major improvement that everyone building with WordPress is going to just LOVE!

I am a big visual guy, so the gallery ease of use and esthetic look is important to me. Likewise, the new color selector provides a greater selection of colors so making it easier to find just the right shade of coloring on your site.

WordPress 3.5 – The new Default TwentyTwelve Theme

I’ve been watching the progress of the new WordPress 3.5 Default Twenty Twelve Theme. Mainly for the exceptional mobile interface which has a very clean responsive design. I applied the Twentytwelve them to my test site and check it out with my Android Galaxy Nexus and with my wife’s Apple iPhone5. It looks GREAT and works fantastic. I’ve been waiting for WordPress to improve mobile operation and they have done a super job.

The styling of the dashboard looks better. They have updated everything to be “Retina-ready” with beautiful high resolution graphics, the new color selector as I mentioned before and modifying the seldom used sections in the administrative area.

WordPress 3.5 – What are your Impressions?

I’d be interested in your thoughts on the new WordPress 3.5 along with the Default TwentyTwelve Theme. So do the upgrade and play with it. Then come back here and let me know what you think.

In the mean-time I’ll be playing with some of the .css code to create options I like to create my child theme‘s for all of my sites. I’ll share them with you as I progress.

For more information and instruction on building and modifying your WordPress website join us at:  Making Money on the | Jay Mueller.

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Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization and Phrases

Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization is mandatory for those who want to create a successful web site. Regularly, search engines visit your web site pages to determine if your content matches search terms that are commonly used. So if you have the right keyword or phrases which are similar to those search terms that are most often used, then there’s a high probability that your web site will rank well in the search engines. Keyword optimization as most agree is a very complex topic. However, this concept can be simplified into ten rules, and if you use these rules effectively via your web site then you are guaranteed a higher ranking in the search engines. Read the rest of this entry

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