Week 5, Master Marketing Class

Well everyone as you can see the new graphics for the header and footer have now been added to this web site.  Don’t they look great?  Planet Divinity really did a terrific job for everyone.  Daniel did a great job on the videos this week for John.  He, like john stepped us through the entire process of saving the graphics to our computers, uploading the graphics to the web site and into the WordPress Blog software.

It has taken me some time to get my blog in this week due to my mother breaking her hip.  I had to travel by car half way across the country to reach “home” to be with Dad.  My Dad is 86 and my mother turned 88 on March 4th.  This was not the way she intended to spend her birthday.  Things for her are really tough right now, but she is a very strong willed woman that I admire tremendously and she will make it through this mess.

On Sunday we are having our first webinar.  I’ll be busy doing things for my folks during the webinar, but thank goodness John is recording the event that I can catch latter that evening.  As I’ve said before, this is a terrific class and I am really enjoying learning from one of the best.


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8 thoughts on “Week 5, Master Marketing Class

  1. Hi Jay –

    Fellow JT-er here. So sorry to hear about your mum’s hip – must have been very worrying for you. I hope she gets better soon!

    I agree that the videos in the masterclass are very easy to follow which I think really makes the course! It’s so important to get the basics of the technology right if you really want to build an online business – after all, if you want to do something really different you need to step outside your comfort zone – but that is SO much easier when there is a safety net underneath you!

    Reading around your posts – I MUST get to the gym – I’m spending too much time on the computer.



    1. Jay Mueller says:


      Thanks for the kind comments. You are 100% correct ont he technology. There are so many tricks to making the hard work easy that John has brought out in the course. I come from a telecommunicaitons background that moved into the IT infrastructure, databases and data mining tools. So this is a lot different for me.

      I have had a lot of stress though my life and now that work is done my new theropy is riding my Harley, cruising out in the country trying to get lost. I haven’t been lost yet, but I’ve run into new freinds and great places to eat.

      Bottom line is I love getting involved in new chalenges and love this ride they call life!

  2. John Edwards says:

    Hi jay, i agree Planet Divinity, has to be the cheapest site for graphics i have ever come across , and when i seen the quality i had to look twice, they simply overdeliver !

    1. Jay Mueller says:


      Thanks for taking the time to visit.

      I am really enjoying the class and the friends that John has tied together for the entire program is really something. All of us in this class need to take note of this. If we all work together in promoting each other only good things can happen.


  3. Gordan says:

    Hi Jay,
    I am one of John’s students, just wanted to say hello…Sorry to hear about your mum’s injury and hope she will get better soon…

    Susan is so right about doing things that are outside our comfort zone. Once you keep doing them you see results almost immediately…

    I posted a short video for all John’s students on how to install Google analytics on wordpress blog. If you have not done it already please have a look.

    Speak to you soon,
    Gordan Bosnjak

    1. Jay Mueller says:


      I just watched the webinar tonight and now am checking my site out. I am going to check Google analiytics out for the page stats. Thanks for the video.


  4. Ray says:

    Hi jay and lynne, Yes I do like your header, Planet Divinity have done a great job.
    I also like your blogs on several subjects, I much prefer reading about Aerobics than doing it!
    Good luck on the masterclass course.


    1. Jay Mueller says:


      I feel the same way about exercise. My wife does that healthy stuff. I’d rather be riding my Harley.


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