Week 6 – Marketing Masterclass

Hello Everyone,

Here we are at week six and at the end of the first phase that John has for us.  As you can see (by checking the Masterclass Blog sites in the far right hand column) we have all made wonderful progress.  As we move forward I think you will begin to see all of us making changes to please our own preferences on our pages.

This week we had our first Webinar with John.  The scheduled time was had for me to meet, so I watched the video that John taped during the meeting.  It was good to see that many of the questions we had were pretty much the same and that videos for our technical questions would be forthcoming for our reference.  Although there were minor glitches, John and “The Associates” did a terrific job with the presentation.

We have tasks to blog more, check out each others sites and comment on them, help each other where possible, and get to know each other better.  All of this is  pretty pleasant, but it does take time.  I still have not been to all of the Masterclass sites….but I am working on it.  I know others have been to my site because they left comments (which I replied to).

This week I think Daniel Sumner provided all of us with a Widget that lists all the Masterclass Blogs randomly each time the page is refreshed.  I think it’s cool and fits in what we are doing with each other.  Then Planet Divinity and Dave Nicholson gave us access to an important tool for increasing traffic to our sites called “Total Web Traffic” that I will study and comment on in later blogs.

I have to reiterate that everyone involved in this class is great to work with and always helpful.  The cooperation between everyone is making this class an experience of a lifetime.  So thanks John, Dan, Dave, Paula and anyone I am forgetting.


The photo above was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Shenandoah mountains on the way to the 2006 Virginia State Harley Owners Group (HOG) Rally being held in Lynchburg, Virginia.


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3 thoughts on “Week 6 – Marketing Masterclass

  1. Jay,

    Nice job of the footer….Oh Did I Say I was a harley guy..
    I will put a post with my FLHTC…. Black one.

    Great job on the add ons on your site… Your really got it going on
    We are all going to get rich with John T.

    Have a good Day


    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Yes Darrel I truely hope we can all become rich. Now that I am retired, I’d love to order a brand new dresser with a side car….ALL CUSTOM! As it is I have two bike and my wife rides a 2007 Softail Heritage Classic (cobalt blue). The one in my pic is a 2006 Ultra with an extra $20K of bling. Luckily the owner and friend took pity on me so I did not pay close to the $44K MSRP. I never would have bought it, but he made me an offer I just could not refuse. It is a dragon fly green with black accents. The green changes in differnt light, anything from blue to gold to green. It litteraly has everything on it…more than I use. Then my first Harley is 1993 FLHS, Harley Orange (the true factory color). The following year this became the Road King. My mufflers are stock, however nothing in inside, so they are just resinators…nice low tone, sounds like a stock car…I wear ear plugs when I ride it.

      Ride safe brother.

  2. Rui Ludovino says:

    Hi Jay,

    Congratulation for you blog.
    Very good content!

    Its amazing what this training is giving to us, and I just hope that this work will help everyone, like its helping me.

    It just help us to stay on target and stay focused on our main goals.

    Have a wonderfull day,

    Rui Ludovino

    Get your free eBook at http://www.RuiLudovino.net

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