A Lazy Saturday

Hi all!  I had great plans to really charge hard in this blog over the weekend, but as I got into the weekend I realized I had to accomplish treasurer duties for my HOG (Harley Owners Group).  This took most of the morning and then the Nationwide NASCAR Race from Daytona, Florida came on, so I had to watch that….. Exciting racing which is the right of spring for stock car racing here in the US. 

As the day went on I surfed the Internet and found out some new things I may want to play with on this Internet Marketing site.  I’ll get into more detail on these as I move forward in this John Thornhill Master Marketing Class.  Week three begins on Monday 16 Feb 09 and I am looking forward on improving things on this site.   This afternoon I was getting a cage ready for a new outdoor cat that my wife is bringing home.  I used a mid-size dog kennel then covered it with aluminum insulation.  To ensure he wouldn’t freeze I placed the kennel on a pet hot plate designed to keep your pet warm in the winter when they are in their little house.  I thought I was quit ingenious about the whole mess.  In any case when my wife brought him home he moved right on in and looked very comfortable.

Enough rambling for now.   Have a great evening!


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