Week Three of the Masterclass Begins

Hi all.  Well week three of John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass was finally posted.  I finished last weeks lesson so fast that I got really anxious awaiting week threes lessons to arrive.  The first thing we did was register with Google AdSense.  That was pretty simple and was accomplished in about two minutes.  Then he lead us through creating a “Masterclass” folder to our desktop, so another minute or so to complete this task.  The next portion of the lesson was to create a sub folder for blog themes and then a walk-through on how to download several blog themes to the desktop.  Of course now you have to extract the contents of the zip files.  So John takes us through step by step using both Vista expand and the very popular WinZip program.  All has gone very well to this point, however there is a glitch.  Before I can continue I must wait for the approval response from Google AdSense.  This can take  twenty-four to forty-eight hours.  Being I completed that registration (step 1) Monday around three in the afternoon yesterday, I was hoping to see something in the mail today.  But alas, no such luck.  The up side of this is I got to catalog what I’ve done so far for all of you.

I am hoping that by blogging my progress you’ll have a better understanding of how wonderful this class is and then if you have the inclination, you can look for the class and sign up to take the course.  Click HERE to show your interest in the next class.

Until the next blog….


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