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One of the key components for online success is keyword search optimization. Ignoring keyword search optimization may result in the end of your online business. Most webmasters make this mistake and it often results in failure. The beginning of the optimization process is keyword SEO. Keywords are quickly thought of by many entrepreneurs and then optimized throughout their pages after submitting them to the search engines. This is wrong because the website ends up as a ‘footer’ in search engine rankings. There is no use of having a good looking website if nobody is able to find it. Some effort is required on your part. You should spend some time completing preliminary research of specific keywords or keyword phrases that are related to your business and/or product.

For this you need to open your text editor and the first page of your website. Read your webpage carefully while thinking about what your page must focus on and what services or products you offer. You should then choose a  main word for your keyword seo, which describes your business most accurately and to its full extent. Every single keyword should be written down.


In keyword optimization, the next step is to enter each of those keyword or keyword phrases in the most frequently used search engines. You may look at the top hand side of the search page to see how many websites are competing for the same keyword or keyword phrase. After that, you must find a less competitive keyword but one that is still searched for by prospective consumers. Increasing traffic and sales is the main purpose of keyword optimization. Your keyword phrase must match the exact phrase that the majority of clients may enter in a search engine to find the product or service that you provide. The keyword phrase that you choose has to be less popular, but more accurate and specific to your business.

Keyword Results

You may also export results such as the keyword phrases and number of competitors to an Excel file. After you are finished with keywords, you need to choose a few keywords or keyword phrases for further investigation. Then you may check the Google keyword tool and insert those selected keywords one at a time. Finally, after choosing the selected ones you should insert those keywords into your title, header or description, and in the first line of your body text.  It helps if you highlight it as well. Afterwards, you should repeat those main keywords. Make sure that they are not more than 3% of the total words provided  for your content. For example, if your text has 500 words then you should include only 15 main keyword phrases in your text.

You have to choose a couple of keywords. Then, pick an important one as your main keyword and add the rest of the keywords to the body text. This may help in attracting more traffic when users perform a multi-word search, which may be different from your main keyword.

You should do this for every page of your website. The creation of distinctive and accurate keywords will be beneficial for you. Make sure that those different lists do not compete with each other, but rather that they cover different areas while complementing each other as well. Although there may be some similarities, they should not be 100% identical to each other. In this way, you can use keywords for search engine optimization.

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