Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

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One of the quickest ways to make a lot of money with Internet Marketing is to have a strong affiliate program. Yet many Internet Marketers are so focused on selling and marketing their product that they forget that they can easily get other people to sell and market their product for them. They also forget that the more people who are trying to sell their product, the easier it will be to make money. This is just one reason why you need to create an awesome affiliate program now.

Affiliate Program – Getting Started

To really help you sell any product, you want to create an affiliate program. A great affiliate program will allow you to sit back and concentrate on other parts of your online business while other people sell your products for you. A great affiliate program will allow you to use your energy to build your business while other people help you make money.

Affiliate Program – 2 Types of Affiliates

The 2 main types of affiliates are other Internet Marketers and customers. Both of these affiliate marketers are great in their own way. Internet Marketers who are affiliate are great because they already know how to market products and most of them are very good at it. Customers who become affiliate marketers are great because they can give firsthand accounts of how great a product is. The reviews they can give about your product will hold a lot more weight with other potential customers. So, they can effectively market your product for you too.

With these 2 main types of affiliate marketers you will be able to concentrate on other parts of your Internet Marketing business while other people make money for you. This is why you need to create an awesome affiliate program now. An awesome affiliate program is your quickest and easiest way to make a lot of money with your online business.

Affiliate Link Manager Plugin for WordPress

Here is a list of what the Affiliate Link Manager Plugin can do for you. Manage your affiliate links promoting other affiliates.

Automatically Convert Keywords into Affiliate Links – Assign one or more keywords to an affiliate link, and the plugin will automatically scan your blog post and pages for those keywords and convert them into your affiliate links. You can easily reverse the operation with one click (very useful when you stop being an affiliate).

Cloak Your Affiliate Links – It will make your external and affiliate links appear to be on your site. The links will look short and pretty too.

Set Keyword Conversion Limit – You can set the maximum number of automatically inserted links per post or page so the blog posts do not look spammy.

Apply Common Customizations – Customize the font color, size, style of all the anchor texts of the cloaked links. You can also apply custom CSS.

Apply Common Link Attributes – Make all cloaked links open in a new window and add “no-follow” tag to them.

Shorten URLs to Share on Twitter – You can create nice and short version of any URL that appears to be on your site then share it on twitter, Facebook etc. No need to use an external URL shortener anymore.

Great Support & Free Lifetime Upgrades – Visit the support site to explore the available product support options. Are you tired of listening to fake support promises? Checkout their forum to see how they handle product related issues.

Check out the details:  Affiliate Link Manager

Affiliate Program Plugin for WordPress

WP Affiliate Platform

Once you have a created your very own product you want to get other marketers to sell your product for you and you’ll pay the a percentage of each sale they make for you.

Therefore you’ll need a method to:

  • have a place for affiliates to join
  • provide affiliate id’s
  • share your banners/links/buttons
  • have a place for affiliates to copy the html for the graphics along with their affiliate id
  • manage all of your affiliates

Check out the details: Affiliate Program Plugin

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