Boost your eBay Business with Your “About Me” Page

My wife, Lynne has sold many things on eBay but has never, ever done an “About Me” page.  So it was interesting to find out about this pretty easy way of promoting our products.  All of this passes the common sense test, therefore, she is in the process of setting this up as we speak.  So although I can’t rant and rave that this works as yet, I’ve talked to friends that say it is the way to go in eBay.  Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Free advertising is always good advertising, especially when you are just starting your eBay business. One way to get free advertising is by doing something with your eBay about me page. The about me page is one of the least used features on eBay but it has the potential to increase your sales. Your about me page can be used to build trust and add some personality to your User ID and eBay store. It can be used to drive traffic to your eBay listings. When you create an about me page, a small red and blue icon appears next to your member ID. If you click on the ICON you are taken to the about me page.

Your about me page on eBay offers you an unlimited amount of space to design, add information about you and your business, and display stats such as your most recent feedback and contact information. Many people also use their eBay about me page to outline their return policies and customer service practices in detail. You can also add your company logo to your my eBay page.

You can also use your about me page for other purposes, as well. Add information about your business and how it got started, why you sell on eBay, and what type of items you usually sell. Assure your buyers that they won’t find a better deal anywhere else. Connect with potential bidders by offering a lot of information on your about me page.

Using an about me template for a layout can be a great way to make your page more attractive to potential buyers. They can give your page a more professional look, and catch the attention of your customers. If you don’t have any HTML experience, you can find free about me templates for your page online.

Adding links to your eBay about me page is a good way to get others to your store, as well. You can link to another website you own, another store you run, or your personal blog. Link back to your eBay about me page wherever you can squeeze in the HTML – on your website, in your e-mail, and even on your forum signatures when you post on other sites on the internet.

Using your about me page as a marketing tool is fast, easy, and it’s free. It gives your buyers a way to learn more about your eBay company and the items you sell, as well as your customer service and return policies. This information is important to many buyers, and listing it in an easy-to-find place can increase your sales. It also keeps your customers well aware of your policies so they don’t have to guess at the kind of service they will receive. Start your eBay about me page today, and watch how your sales start to grow!

Jay and Lynne

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One thought on “Boost your eBay Business with Your “About Me” Page

  1. Mandy Allen says:

    Hi Jay and Lynne,

    Great post, thanks. I haven’t set up an about me page but you have persuaded me I ought to. Thanks for this.

    Enjoy the journey.


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