Ways to Boost Your Article Marketing

Boost Your Article Marketing

Boost Your Article Marketing

Target the World

Article marketing is a great way to market your business online. Article marketing is free and it’s also extremely effective. However, there is a lot more you can be doing with every single article you write. You can actually create a lot more content, and take advantage of a lot more marketing opportunities with every article you write. Here are 3 ways for you to boost your article marketing.

The first way to boost your article marketing is to take that article and build a social networking page around it. There are a lot of popular social networking sites. You can take your article and plug it into a social networking page. Then add a few other elements to the page (depending on what the social networking site offers) and just like that you’ll have more content on the Internet. It will probably take you less than 30 minutes too. Read the rest of this entry

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4 Pillars for a Successful Internet Marketing Business

Successful Internet Marketing

Successful Internet MarketingSuccessful Internet Marketing requires you have to develop a plan that will lead you to success. That plan has to include elements that will set you up for success. Most Internet Marketers know this. But many Internet Marketers don’t know exactly what the elements for success are. There are actually 4 of them and they can be called pillars. The 4 pillars for a successful Internet Marketing business are to be customer focused, to have multiple streams of income, to have an affiliate program, and to network with other Internet Marketers.

Customer Focused

The first pillar for a Successful Internet Marketing business is to be customer focused. Always remember that your customers are the ones who will lead you to success or failure. Your customers literally hold your future in their hands. So, be sure you always focus on making the customer happy so that they will lead you to success. Read the rest of this entry

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Outsource – Yes or No

OutsourceOutsource if you want to succeed at Internet Marketing then you will have to work extremely hard. There will be many tasks you’ll have to accomplish on a routine basis. After you’ve been in Internet Marketing for awhile, you’ll get so busy that you’ll have to outsource some of the work. Here are the parts of your IM business you’ll want to consider when making the decision to outsource once you get to that point.

Outsource – Options

There are so many things that you are in charge with by owning an online business. It is important to be aware of all the tasks that need to be completed. On a routine bases you should review each and every task so that you can manage each one appropriately. Read the rest of this entry

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Outsourcing for Internet Marketers


Outsourcing is a very important part of just about every successful Internet Marketer’s business. If you are an Internet Marketer thinking of outsourcing then you better read this. The following advice can (and very well might) be the difference between you succeeding or failing with Internet Marketing. Read the rest of this entry

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Great Tips for Getting Organized

Managing how your business is organized is a key factor for success in any business. This is even more true for internet marketing. Proper organization will save you time and money almost immediatly. Lack of organization can really hinder your ability to perform your job well. It is very important that you are organized in your Internet Marketing business. Here are several tips to help you get organized today. Read the rest of this entry

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eBay Domination Course [80 Videos for $27]

Hi everyone,

John Thornhill of PlanetSMS sent me an email about this terrific product that he is promoting.  I thought it looked like a great deal, so I am sharing it with you.  You see I am an affliliate for his Mentorship Monthly  program (another program of his which has been a great help with our business).  He says that “This is probably the most comprehensive eBay video series you will ever see, and I know it will help your subscribers.”  Adeel must do a great job with his products if John is promoting him.

This may seem insignificant to you, but I’ve been working with John since February 2009.  He is one of the most successful internet marketers in the world.  I can tell you that in dealing with him on a weekly basis in his Marketing Masterclass that he is an honorable individual and does not promote products unless he has checked them out and has interacted with the product owner.  He is always looking to help people succeed, so he shares his knowledge and products he truly believes will help others.

While this read is a bit long, pay close attention to it.  This is not one of those fly by night promotions.

The $27 price is temporary so act now.  The new price will be around $197.  This $27 offer site will only be up for a few weeks.  So if you think you’ll need this training in the next year or two, I’d jump on it for this price if I were you.  But if you are rich…I guess you can wait for the price to go up.  Personally, I am getting this eBay Domination Course NOW because I plan to use this information within a year and I know the product will be what Adeel says it is, because John has decided to promote it.

This is the email:

Hi Jay,

If you trade on eBay or want to start trading on eBay you simply must check this out.

Over 12 Months Ago Adeel Chowdry started work on what I strongly believe is the most comprehensive
video series showing you how to profit from eBay.

Imagine working on a product for over 12 months?

That’s dedication.

Adeel had created a ton of stuff related to selling information on eBay but then when eBay banned the sale of digitally delivered products he stopped working on his product. Until now!

I think I should leave the rest to Adeel, the creator of Spy Auction Riches. Here’s the email he sent me and asked me to forward to you.

If you just want to check out what Adeel has to say online head over to:


From Adeel,

Woohoo…today is QUESTION and ANSWER day!

I’ve been getting tons of Q’s to I’m going to answer them here for everyone.

Question; eBooks can’t be sold on eBay any more so will your course still work?

Answer; eBooks still  *CAN* be sold in certain formats on eBay. Whilst the digital ban DID kill a  lot of
businesses, the smart sellers are only getting  *stronger*.

Many smart people are now putting their digital eBooks onto discs (cds/dvds) & selling them that way.

((but  creating cd/dvds is so much hard work))

Well, yes and no.

You’ll  only have to put in the effort to do things ONCE…

The key here is  *AUTOMATION* and in setting up the products one time.

There are online services you can use to create, pack, and ship your discs for under $2 each! So you’ll
want to make your business as hands free as possible.

Not only that, but DISCS have a much HIGHER perceived value than eBooks. That same eBook sold on a disc can be
sold for much more than if you just sold it as a digital download.

Many people are STILL selling cheapo eBooks on cd’s and only making pennies..their still doing it all wrong.

What YOU need to do (I’ll show  you in the course) is find the profitable products, and then sell your own
versions/something similar to your competitors.

Learn more at http://469444q9whb9nteq-ilgldyn1a.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=JLBLOG


ANOTHER thing I see people doing wrong on eBay is *NOT* building up a customer database/mailing list. A  BUYERS
list is the most valuable asset you could ever have.

A list of around just 850 cd buyers generated me $1600 in a recent promotion I  did. It DIDN’T cost me any thing, no eBay fees, no ppc fees, nothing. This  is all because I create a mailing customer list of each and every buyer  that has a transaction through me. SMART…I know 🙂 I’ll show you how  to do EVERYTHING inside the course.

So yeah, even selling $2 cd’s on eBay can be worth it… because you’re building up a huge customer database of PAYING people.

You then work those leads through a funnel. i.e. you sell them or offer them something GREATER than what  they
just purchased (must be relevant to original purchase).  Then you  can implement all sorts of marketing techniques
such as upsell, cross sells and backend offers.

Learn more at http://469444q9whb9nteq-ilgldyn1a.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=JLBLOG


If you want to sell on eBay, then you  have to accept the fact that you are NOT just an eBay seller…BUT a MARKETER.

You’ve got to be able to sell not only the products, but yourself too.

Ebayers are people who sell stuff on eBay as a hobby, like dirty old stamps and socks, people who run garage sales just to get rid of their stuff, and so on.

If you want to make serious dough on eBay, then you’ve got to accept that you are a MARKETER and then have to learn how to become a GOOD one.

This is how I’ve been able to  transition from selling on eBay to selling on the internet.

I’ve  used my eBay strategies and marketing skills that I learnt ON eBay -> to  start making a full time income online
marketing my own products through my  websites OFF EBAY.  My first product sold over $10,000 (off eBay) this YEAR (in April). So my strategies & techniques work ON and OFF.

SO if anyone says my course is OLD just because I made it last year, THEY don’t know any better.

Techniques and policies will ALWAYS change, but CORE fundamentals will NOT. With strong foundations and
knowledge, you’ll be able to adjust in ANY climate.

Once  you go through my ISpy course, you’ll not only become a good eBay seller  with a great solid foundation to start off with, but a good ONLINE  marketer. Think of eBay as a platform for creating just one stream of income. You’ll then be able to use the internet and your websites for another.

Learn more at http://469444q9whb9nteq-ilgldyn1a.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=JLBLOG


QUESTION; I live in Canada, am I restricted to eBay Canada site, or can I also use eBay.com to make money…I am wondering  if you know anything about this?

ANSWER; You are NOT restricted to only selling on ebay Canada, in fact, you can sell on ANY eBay international site you want!


QUESTION; Will you show us how to sell physical products?

ANSWER; YEP. You get a complete module on how I import my items, where I get them from, HOW I select what to sell, HOW I select who to spy on and copy and a LOT more  🙂


I really don’t want you to miss this.

I took me *THREE* months to make these videos and I’m practically giving them away for $27(I was going to  sell them for $197). But you have to be QUICK, because I’m going to  increase the price AND take the site down within
a few days, just to give the fast people a head start.

In the course I cover;

> Making Money Selling eBooks
> Setup – ebay, mydd, aweber setup  etc
> Resell Rights
> Increasing Value
> Outsourcing
> Niche Product Research
> Public Domain Riches
> Automating The Whole System
> Back-End Profits
> AdSense
> Branding
> CONFIDENTIAL  <– My fave vid !
> Affiliate Marketing
> Viral Marketing
> Buying Leads
> Software
> Private Label Rights
> Profits With Physical Products
> Real Wholesalers
> Where To Get Cheap Products From
> Increasing The Perceived Value
> Complimenting The Purchase
> Direct Marketing
> Delivery Methods

I literally cover everything there is to know about eBay!

Get in NOW, while you still can.



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