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DOGS- Ok let me explain up front, we have a bunch of dogs.  We have worked with the Local Humane society and county shelter for several years now and with that comes along hard cases were the dogs are just not ready for adption.  

Buddy is a Beagle that is around 17 years old.  The owners just dropped him off at the shelter. So we took him home to live out his life with our pack.  Turns out he has warts which we knew and also that he has cancer, which we found out from the vet.  We have him on prednisone and he does pretty good.

Fidgit is some sort of mix around medium size.  My wife rescued her from another shelter that was going to put her down.  She had a sort of club front paw that got in her way a lot.  So we took her to the vet and had the entire leg amputated.  My wife was concerned that we mutilated her, but when we got her home, I set her off the deck and she did her thing then ran to the back door to go back in.  Never phased her a bit.

Trixie is a chow/terrier mix she is really cute when she gets her bath and styles her hair like a poodle (not the tail!).  She loves riding in the car and is a climber.  If we had a ten foot fence, she would be roaming the hood.  Probably why she got picked up to begin with.

Brittany is a rotwiler/hound mix.  she can have an attitude now and again, but I think most of that is age.

Princess is a yellow lab that someone had for breeding in a puppy mill and dropped her in the country because she was old.  She had just about every kind of worm you can think of including heartworm.  But she is serviving very well.  She used to be skinny, but ….well lets just say she loves to eat!  She is a happy dog…sometimes I call her gladass or happy butt cuz her tail is always going.

Blossum is a full blooded Rotty who was chained in the back yard with a very aggressive male rotty.  He was so aggressive that we had to put him down when he entered the shelter…not his fault.  Blossum had a real bad additude (actually just scared) of most people and especially men.  She had been beaten and growled at most folks.  But she took a liking to my wife and has now adjusted well to be the leader of the pack….at least when I am not there.  She would love to be a lap dog.

Please care for your pets.  Spay and Neuter is a must.  It prevents cancer in later years and they are more obediant to boot.  Spay and neuter would also work well for the previous owners of our dogs in my opinion.

CAT – We recently adopted a barn cat (big boy).  I built a cage/house for him with a heater and all.  He is our mouse killer!



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9 thoughts on “Our Animals

  1. Mark Inglis says:

    Love the website, we have a 11 month old black Labrador with masses of energy. I have started taking him out on my bike and running him otherwise he just chews everything, walls, shoes anything. He has also found a post in the garden where he takes anything he finds, tidied the garden yesterday for the umpteenth time. Love him to bits but for anyone considering a dog make sure you choose a dog that matches your energy levels. Exercise them at least for an hour a day, discipline them and pet them in that order.

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for taking the time to check out our site.

      Pups always have lot of energy and you are correct about needing to match energy levels with the animal you adopt. Exercising him and you is a good thing, but remember he is very smart and is basically bread as a bird dog which means he is a working dog and you need to keep him intertained. Try buying him a kong or several (hard rubber chewy) that you can put peanut butter in and then hide around the house for him to find and dig out the peanut butter. It will break him of the habit of chewing other things and keep him occupied while you are away.


  2. Hi Jay!

    Great post – I can’t believe how many dogs you’ve got! Buddy must just love being the only boy!

    I love rescue dogs too. My first, Charlie, was a staffordshire/Jack Russel cross. He was bright, feisty and a total escape artist. We got him as a full male when he was five and had him neutered soon after. But he never forgot his “learned” attitudes and always faced off dogs three times his size and bigger! A total character, he sadly dies from a heart condition last May, just 12. I still miss him very much.

    Ghillie was a rescue dog we met at a dog training class. She needed a home and Charlie likes her so we took her. Black lab/whippet cross she looks like a lab puppy and she’s now 7! She missed Charlie so badly we just had to get a new friend for her when he died. Pernod is our newest – a black/white terrier/whippet cross. Fast, light with a dodgy knee.

    Love them all!


  3. Jay Mueller says:

    Hi Susan,

    Yep Buddy is the stud boy. If even Blossum (around 90lbs) gets in his face he’ll challenge her. But I think if he ever sunk his teeth in her his teeth would probably fall out.

    It is really neat to follow each of their individual personalities and attitudes.

    Our biggest rescue was the day before Christmas. These male Pitbull had a collar on that had embedded into his neck to the depth of 1 1/2 inches. They passed us pictures of his neck after the emergency vet had cleaned it all out. The president of local humane society called us and asked if we could help him out. So I emailed the pics of his throat to our vet and she said to bring him in the day after Christmas. So we picked him up Christmas Eve, named him St. Nick and our vet sewed him up from the inside out and we nurse dhim back to health. When he came up for adoption, my wife’s (Lynne) sister and her family adopted him. So we get to see him quite often. This was a six month ordeal that really paid off.

    Keep in touch,

  4. Hello Jay,

    Just passing by to check your blog and see how it is taking shape.
    Looks great and I enjoyed reading about our animals
    Not sure if you checked out my blog yet and I invite you to.

    Also, if you haven’t yet got around to being on Twitter, I encourage you to!
    check it out at http://www.twitter.com/nicolasbaron and let’s Twitter!

    I wish you all the best with the course which I hope you are enjoying as much as I am.



  5. Jay Mueller says:

    Hi Nick,

    I’ve been going from site to site also…man I didn’t realize how many of us there are in this class. I plan to look at all of the site though. I think it will good to see the different ideas out there.

    I just registered with Twitter the other day http://www.twitter.com/Jay_Mueller, so let’s Twitter.

    I think the course is great. I have learned so much and John’s team and partners are is terrific.


  6. HI, I’m also in John’s class and just stopped by to see how your blog is going. Looking Great! Good information Too. I signed up 🙂

    I have two little yorkie dogs (both 12 years old), two parrots (my b/g macaw has been with me for for 29 years now), 3 betta fish and a cat (9 years old). Yes. I love animals too. we all traveled across the US last summer in a motor home. Just me and the animals. What a trip! I moved from CA to FL. I’m in a condo now but if I had lots of land I would have lot of dogs.

    I’ll be back.


    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Gayla,

      Nice to meet you. I am not sure that I would pack up the animals and treck across the country on vacation, but I guess if I was moving, that is the way I’d do it. As a matter of fact, within a couple years we are moving from Virginia to Arkansas about 20 Miles south of Branson, MO. A nice log cabin with a porch all the way across the front, 2200 square feet (all one floor), a garage/shop combination on 3 acres in the trees. Can’t wait to get down there and sit on the porch playing or at least trying to play my guitar.

      See you in class!!

  7. john kelly says:

    Guitar, Harley, Dogs, Green, Beard, Wife. We have a lot in common Jay

    ciao JJ

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