Buddy, Our Beagle



In May of 2008, I adopted a 15 year old Beagle from the local Animal Shelter. I don’t know how he wound up in the shelter but I decided that he would not die there. I adopted him and brought him home and made him part of our family. Read the rest of this entry

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Talk About Sex and Horses? WOW!

I was just talking to a friend of mine in the UK about the use of SEX in advertisments, blogs, etc.  She was wondering if the use of the word “sex”  would improve traffic statistics.  So she is doing a study on it.  Personally I think that SEX will always sell products.  It’s all over the internet, TV, magazines, billboards and such.  It stands to reason that if sex did not work, advertising agents would not use it.  Hey who doesn’t like sex, right? Read the rest of this entry

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Our Animals

DOGS- Ok let me explain up front, we have a bunch of dogs.  We have worked with the Local Humane society and county shelter for several years now and with that comes along hard cases were the dogs are just not ready for adption.  

Buddy is a Beagle that is around 17 years old.  The owners just dropped him off at the shelter. So we took him home to live out his life with our pack.  Turns out he has warts which we knew and also that he has cancer, which we found out from the vet.  We have him on prednisone and he does pretty good.

Fidgit is some sort of mix around medium size.  My wife rescued her from another shelter that was going to put her down.  She had a sort of club front paw that got in her way a lot.  So we took her to the vet and had the entire leg amputated.  My wife was concerned that we mutilated her, but when we got her home, I set her off the deck and she did her thing then ran to the back door to go back in.  Never phased her a bit.

Trixie is a chow/terrier mix she is really cute when she gets her bath and styles her hair like a poodle (not the tail!).  She loves riding in the car and is a climber.  If we had a ten foot fence, she would be roaming the hood.  Probably why she got picked up to begin with.

Brittany is a rotwiler/hound mix.  she can have an attitude now and again, but I think most of that is age.

Princess is a yellow lab that someone had for breeding in a puppy mill and dropped her in the country because she was old.  She had just about every kind of worm you can think of including heartworm.  But she is serviving very well.  She used to be skinny, but ….well lets just say she loves to eat!  She is a happy dog…sometimes I call her gladass or happy butt cuz her tail is always going.

Blossum is a full blooded Rotty who was chained in the back yard with a very aggressive male rotty.  He was so aggressive that we had to put him down when he entered the shelter…not his fault.  Blossum had a real bad additude (actually just scared) of most people and especially men.  She had been beaten and growled at most folks.  But she took a liking to my wife and has now adjusted well to be the leader of the pack….at least when I am not there.  She would love to be a lap dog.

Please care for your pets.  Spay and Neuter is a must.  It prevents cancer in later years and they are more obediant to boot.  Spay and neuter would also work well for the previous owners of our dogs in my opinion.

CAT – We recently adopted a barn cat (big boy).  I built a cage/house for him with a heater and all.  He is our mouse killer!



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