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Your reputation is built on your eBay feedback rating. Feedback can be positive, negative, or neutral. EBay Power Sellers must have a feedback rating of at least 98% positive.

Negative feedback can hurt your sales and business. Negative feedback has an enormous impact particularly on sellers. If your feedback score falls below the nineties, buyers might take their business elsewhere. But what if you feel like the negative feedback was unjustified? As a seller, do you have any recourse? You do, but it’s not easy. The best strategy is to avoid negative feedback in the first place. But if that’s not possible, turn to a mediation service like Square Trade ( Read the rest of this entry

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An autoresponder is an email program that automatically replies to an email that is sent to it. You’ve probably seen an autoresponder used in your workplace when you’ve emailed a co-worker and received a message like “Sorry, I’m out of the office until such and such date and will respond to your email when I return.” This is one way to use an autoresponder, but we’re going to cover autoresponders the way internet marketers use them. Read the rest of this entry

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How to Build Your List with Information Products

Information products that help and educate people, or solve their problems are the best way for you to build your opt-in list. You can create a huge opt-in list of satisfied customers by giving away a private label rights product. A private label rights product gives you total rights to products such as software, articles and eBooks. Private label rights afford you the right to change the product in any way you like and claim it for your own. Read the rest of this entry

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As an Internet Marketer you realize the importance of having a good opt-in list. By now you’ve read the many success stories of people making a small fortune with their opt-in lists. Opt In means people have voluntarily signed-up to receive your emails. This is one of the reasons that opt-in lists are such a valuable marketing tool for your business. Your subscribers have given their consent to receive announcements, promotions, ads, recommendations, etc. from you! Read the rest of this entry

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Using eBay Forums to Help with Your eBay Business

If you need help with your eBay business all you have to do is check out the eBay Forums and you will find the answer to your questions. EBay has its own forums set up right on their website to help sellers and buyers with their eBay-related problems. The boards allow members to share.

Anyone can read the content on eBay’s forums, but you will need to register your username with the eBay community before you can start posting. This doesn’t take long at all, and once you’ve done it, you can start posting. There is a restriction on how many posts you can make a day when your feedback rating is low – those with a feedback score under 10 can only make up to 10 posts a day.

The forums on eBay’s website are a great place to go for helpful answers with just about any eBay-related business question. The boards are full of experienced buyers and sellers. You can obtain different solutions to your problems and then pick the one that you think will work best for you.

One of the best things about eBay’s help forums is the personalized design help that they offer the board members. Many members are more than willing to help you design your own customized eBay auction templates for selling, to spruce up your About Me page, or to help you find more creative ways of setting up your auctions.


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Drop Shipping and EBay

Drop shipping is the shipping of merchandise from a supplier directly to a retailer’s customer.  How does drop shipping benefit your business?

* You can become a retailer without needing to invest large amounts of money.

* You can start a business with very little risk.

* You don’t have to carry inventory or pay for inventory upfront—if the product doesn’t sell, you never have to buy it.

* You don’t have to buy packaging materials and shipping labels, nor will you need a shipping account.

* You don’t have to manage product returns.

* You purchase products at wholesale pricing and set your own retail prices. Read the rest of this entry

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