Why Internet Marketers Need to Use an Autoresponder

An autoresponder is an email program that automatically replies to an email that is sent to it. You’ve probably seen an autoresponder used in your workplace when you’ve emailed a co-worker and received a message like “Sorry, I’m out of the office until such and such date and will respond to your email when I return.” This is one way to use an autoresponder, but we’re going to cover autoresponders the way internet marketers use them. The autoresponder I use for my internet marketing business is AWeber . I know you’ve seen this before as almost all of big name marketers use this. The price starts at just $19 a month.

Autoresponders are like having your own personal secretary.  They send a thank you email to every one of your customers who’ve just purchased your product. They also provide detailed instructions to help your customer download the product that they bought. 

You can have your autoresponder send out a sequence of emails to your specifications.  For example, if your customer just purchased a 10 part ecourse from you, they will get one part of the course every other day or however often you set it up for.  Let’s say someone signed up for your free report. You can send them support emails and other info in any sequence you want – the first one today, the next one in three days, etc. 

If you have a list and you don’t have an autoresponder and you want to send the people on your list an email, you have to send it out individually.  If you send too many in an hour, it can send up red flags to your email provider and they might think you are a spammer.

Autoresponders allow you to follow CAN-SPAM Act guidelines by having double opt-ins.  A double opt-in gives people a chance to opt-in, then confirm that they did indeed opt-in.  The whole process is done automatically with your autoresponder of course.

Another benefit of using an autoresponder is you can keep it personal when sending out information by using personalization fields.  Hi {!firstname} at the top of your email will ensure the email goes out to each person with their first name at the top. 

Your autoresponder can also respond automatically when someone unsubscribes from your list.  It confirms they’ve unsubscribed and lets you know.  Some will even ask them for feedback as to why they’re unsubscribing.

Did you notice how many times I used the word “automatically”?  This is an important word to an internet marketer who has more than enough stuff to do every day.  An autoresponder will make your business run smoother and give you time to do other things like creating a new product. It will also make your business look more professional.

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