Information products that help and educate people, or solve their problems are the best way for you to build your opt-in list. You can create a huge opt-in list of satisfied customers by giving away a private label rights product. A private label rights product gives you total rights to products such as software, articles and eBooks. Private label rights afford you the right to change the product in any way you like and claim it for your own.

In other words you can modify the product as you like. You can include links to your products or affiliate products, change or add any graphics you wish, edit or use the existing content as is and ultimately put your name on the product as the originator.  The best way to start a viral marketing campaign is to share your knowledge and expertise with prospects and customers.  

As an Internet marketer, you know that the key to your business success is the ability to build a list of customers and potential customers who look forward to hearing about your new product releases and special offers through e-mail announcements. And you know that successful list-building depends on your ability to build a bond of trust with prospects and customers.

A lead-generating information product is one that you give away in exchange for an e-mail address and permission to follow up. A lead-generating product is the easiest, fastest, and most effective tool for creating a connection with potential clients. As you build trust with potential customers, you will soon reach the point in the sales cycle where prospects are ready to buy your products or services.

Your information product is often the most powerful tool in the sales cycle. Readers will brand you on the basis of what you offer them in exchange for their e-mail address and permission to follow up. Creating an information product is the easiest and fastest way to establish yourself as an expert, build your brand, and win the trust of customers and potential customers.

A free offer of something valuable can turn visitors into customers. When you follow up by continuing to add something of value to people’s lives, you establish the kind of rapport and trust that turns friends into clients. And when you cultivate client relationships by keeping in touch, offering new solutions, and creating additional benefits, you turn customers into clients for life.

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