The beginning part of a sales letter has to grab and keep the attention of your potential customers. If the headline and sub-headline don’t keep the attention of your readers, then nobody will read the rest of your sales letter. Below are some tips for how to begin a sales letter and how to write a headline and a sub-headline.

There are several goals that you’ll need to accomplish with the headline and sub-headline of your sales letter. They are to capture your reader’s attention, give your reader’s a complete message, and draw the readers into the rest of the sales copy. You should accomplish these goals with every headline and sub-headline that you write.

You will also need to include the “4 U’s” in the sales letter. The four U’s are unique, urgent, useful, and ultra-specific. Not every headline and sub-headline you write will completely cover the 4 U’s but they should always be covered as much as possible.

Unique means that you promise or say something in the headline that nobody’s every heard before. Urgent means that you let the reader know that they need to listen to what you’re saying and that they should purchase your product immediately. Useful means that you let your customers know that what you’re offering will be of great use to them. And ultra-specific means that you tell them exactly how they can benefit from the product that you’re offering.

You should first list all the benefits of what you’re selling and then put the greatest benefit in the headline of your sales letter. This is a very effective way to write a headline.

You can also try to write the headline last. If you’re having trouble coming up with a headline then just start writing the body of the sales letter. You will eventually come up with an idea for a headline. If not, you can simply concentrate on writing the headline after the rest of the sales letter is written.

These are the steps that you need to take to start writing a sales letter. You need to make sure that your headline and sub-headline will grab the attention of your reader’s. If you do this then you will be able to write effective headlines and sub-headlines.

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