Preventing Aerobic Injuries

Aerobic exercise is a great way to lose weight, build endurance, and maintain a healthy heart. However, aerobic exercise must be done safely or you could sustain an injury. The majority of aerobic injuries are due to falls and usually involve the knee or ankle. You can also sustain an injury due to overuse. Overuse injuries usually involve the knee, foot, or shin. Aerobic exercise can cause or aggravate back injuries. Injuries can be reduced by doing a proper warm up and cool down. To avoid injuries make sure that you choose activities that are suited to your fitness level, exercise with the proper technique, and know how to use the equipment properly and safely.

Aerobic exercise requires lots of movement so you should have a pair of shoes specifically designed for aerobics. Aerobic shoes should fit well, be stable, have shock absorption, and be well cushioned. Your aerobic clothing should be loose fitting to allow freedom of movement. Your clothing should be cotton or linen to allow the sweat to evaporate so that you will not become overheated during exercise. Don’t wear tight fitting clothing because it cuts off blood flow and restricts your movement. You should also invest in a good sports bra to improve comfort.

Your workout area should be large enough for you to move around in comfortably and not bang into anything. Your workout equipment should be in the best shape possible so that you won’t sustain an injury. You should also have plenty of water available so that you don’t become dehydrated during exercise. Your workout should be challenging but pushing yourself too hard can result in injuries such as pulled muscles, cramps, or other injuries. If you become injured because your workout is too strenuous you could miss days or even weeks of exercise.  


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