Answers to Several Email Inqueries

Hi everyone.

First let me update you on John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass.  We are reviewing our products and tweaking them with graphics, additional content, and some are even doing audio and video files in them.  So not much to write about this week.  But I can’t wait to get our product out to the public.  Our eBook is titled “Renewable Energy Explained” and covers most of our alternatives to oil as well as common sense changes we can make in our lives to help the environment while saving bunches of money…I know we all like that.  We are also putting together a five white page series on what everyone can do to go green and save money….everything from changing light bulbs to solar panels and windmills (some packages for as low as $200.  So get over to and sign-up to get updates from the site.  I’ll be sending out five emails with the white pages just for signing up.  If you are already a member of our green site, don’t worry.  I’ll be sending them out to you too.

OK, everyone has been reading the eBay series of blogs here on this site.  Well several of you have asked for more about working with eBay.  So my wife is hard at work putting some more blogs together from her experience/mistakes and even more research.  She has just forwarded two blogs for me to review and add to the post.  So be looking for them.  I may have to combine them all into an eBook or white paper.  We aim to please!

Some emails have asked about how my Mother is doing.  For those that don’t know, in February….one day before I retired, my Mom slipped and fell on some ice and broke her hip.  So, since then I traveled from Virginia to Minnesota to care for her and dad during her recovery.  Mom is 88 years old and dad is 86.  So it has been a bit stressful.  I had to resign from being Treasurer of my Harley Owners Group (cuz I’m not there) and my wife is taking care of things at home…the dogs….the car…bills…..and she is still working.  My wife is great!  Now that everything is settling down with my folks, mom is doing great and almost back to normal (even cooks some) things are better around here.  My wife is going to take some leave from work and fly here in mid-June (I’m still fixing things around the house) and we are going to rent a pontoon boat that all of us can take out and go fishing.  Mom and dad haven’t been out for over a year.  This should be great fun.  Then my wife and I will return to Virginia and the normal(?) life we live.

Well I hope things brings everyone up to speed.  Keep sending the emails, I really enjoy them.

I want to do a shout out for one of my Masterclass class mates.  Mandy Allen @ is always a huge help to all of us in the class.  Her sharing in the forum and in her blogs and in comments (all of our sites) is always positive and helpful as well as insightful.  She is just a great person to know.  So make sure to check out her site and blog…you will see what I mean.  By the way, she is reviewing my eBook this weekend for me.    I wouldn’t trust just anyone to do this for me.  Thanks for all your help Mandy.


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10 thoughts on “Answers to Several Email Inqueries

  1. Mandy Allen says:

    Wow, Jay, thank you so much for your kind words. I am humbled that you hold me in such high esteem. And I’m really glad to hear your mum is much better.

    Enjoy the journey.


    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Mandy, I am only stating the obvious Luv. Remember if one person writes how greatful they are for your help…there are probably 9 people that feel the same, but did not take the time to tell you how they feel.


  2. Steve says:

    Hi Jay
    I would certainly echo your comments about Mandy.
    I enjoyed your eBay series and I’m looking forward to the next instalment. I like your aweber approach too.
    Have a great weekend

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Steve,

      Yep Mandy is GREAT!

      Glad to hear the you are enjoying the eBay series. Please send me a private email and explian what you like and don’t like about the series and what if anything you’d like to see here on the site. Like I said we aim to please.


  3. Svenja says:

    Hi Jay,

    I don’t know how Mandy does it, but she is simply ‘on-top-of-it’ – Period! She is setting such an inspirational example, and truly cares for all of us to succeed with this class. I am sure John had Mandy’s determination in mind when he asked us to support one another. Thank you for speaking up for all of us!


    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Svenja,

      Mandy IS a wonderful person, no doubt! She has enspired me to help others and be more open about things. Growing up my whole career in the US Army then as a contractor and then as a civilian for the Army really separates you from being “normal”. So I’m busy realigning my priorities in life thanks much to Mandy.


  4. Svenja says:

    Hi Jay,

    I am thrilled to read that you are tackling the energy sector with your book! All of us need to step up and take more responsibility in protecting our planet. I am looking forward to see your product in ‘live’ action. My cousin has been working for the windmill energy sector in Germany for the past 15 years – through him, I have been fortunate to hear about some incredible advancements in the field.

    Many Thanks,

    P.S. I am glad to hear your mom is doing better!

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi again Svenja,

      Yes this “Green” movement is big on our list and should be on everyones list of things to do. The technology is great…changing all the time and for the better at that.

      Awareness is the big thing. I think all should agree that once you see the numbers and how little you have to do to change habits to get big results, that most folks will change their ways.

      You should opt-in to my site. I have a bunch of free info in the blogs and when you sign up you’ll get “Easy to go Green” which is a series of 5 articles that we put together. You will get the PDF files so you can save them and reference them. My wife worked a month on these and they have great content.


  5. john kelly says:

    Ditto on Mandy. Jay, you’re tyres are smoking !! :o) But that’s okay, you’re earning ‘carbon credits’ with your blog.

    cheers John

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