Week Three (continued)

OK at the last writing I was waiting for AdSense to approve the site and give me the authentication code.  I got that in email on Wednesday.  So Wednesday night I added the code to the new themes to allow AdSense to post rotating advertisements to my sites based on a word search of the site for relevancy.  Pretty cool idea.  Then I proceeded to upload the themes to the site space.  This was really easy by following John’s instruction.  The next step was to change the theme on the site itself.  This again was easy to do.  However, I had been playing with the widgets on the old theme and I had duplicate links, recommended sites, etc.  So I sent in a ticket for support.  Daniel was quick to respond about the widgets and I corrected the problem within minutes (just had to turn off the widgets).  After this I changed to each of the themes to ensure they would work, and they worked just fine.

The last step which John said was optional but suggested was to order graphic for the footer and header.  John once again worked with the site to obtain a good deal for us.  So I went to Planet Divinity to order the graphics.  The site said that when you clicked the order button a form would come up for your preferences.  So I clicked the order button and the next thing I saw was payment information…I just figured I’d order the graphics and work out the details latter.  After ordering I sent a note to the Masterclass and Daniel informed me to contact Planet Divinity (he provided a link from the email) and said Steve would help me with the problem.  So of course I emailed Steve and a couple hours latter he sent me an email with the form, which I filled out and sent back to him.  I should have my new graphics any time now.

Needless to say, even with the problems I’ve encountered (some of which I caused myself) the help is great and I just keep on trucking along.   I said this before THIS CLASS IS G R E A T !


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