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Resell RightsThe internet marketing world brings you so many ways of making money, online marketing is fast becoming the norm in so many areas it is hard to find a niche that has not already been discovered.  There are literally millions of people worldwide who are looking to enter the world of internet marketing and being able to provide a sustainable income for themselves and their families. Where to start is the first obstacle they encounter, if you have no specific knowledge of any particular field then that may feel daunting, but yet good money can be made and a great amount of knowledge can be amassed simply by using products which are readily available for you to download and start making money in as early as 24 hours.

  • What products are available
  • Types of Rights
  • How do you get products

Resell Rights Products – What’s Available

Resell Rights products can be eBooks, software, video or in fact any combination of pre-written information which is then released for people just like you to pass onto others and make money doing so. There is however a few terms and conditions as to what you can do related to ‘Resell Rights’ permissions. Each product will come with a license which will determine how a particular product can be sold, these are straight forward rules but must be strictly adhered to in order to avoid any legal action being taken should any person ignore the permissions.

Resell Rights – Types

In short… ‘Resell Right’ is a method which is used to market other peoples products on the web, such rights are allowed in order to sell the item and in return to collect revenues from that sale. Various Resell Rights are listed below which is important to understand and apply accordingly.

1. Resell Rights: – Through which a merchant (you) sell a product to an end user (your customer) but your customer cannot sell the product further.

2. Master Resell Rights: – With this right the same applies as above but the end user (customer) can further sell the product. This right has been passed from the originator onto the merchant (you) then subsequently on to the end user (your customer); in this way passing the Master resell rights to the customer.

3. Private Label Rights: – This right is famous for its liberty and flexibility which the product holder enjoys. With this type of right can generally be adapted, altered and in some cases may be able to be renamed and you become the author of that said product. Such flexibility or freedom depends upon the nature of the product promoted and marketed. In such a way customer owns the right to alter the content of the product and then possesses a Private Label Rights with which he/she can them claim for the originality.

You can go for any or all of the varieties of Resell Right Products available; there is a huge diverse and varied niche choice available.

Resell Rights – How Do I get the Products?

It’s possible to either purchase a bundle of products which permits you to pick and choose products of some defined value. Another excellent choice could be joining a Resell Right members club, this way you are able to find the latest new products available from one source providing you with a regular monthly update of the most sought after niches enabling you to stay ahead of any competition. Also, because you do not have to do the searching for the latest information the Resell Rights membership leaves you free to promote. The better type of membership site provides you with all you need to get that product online in the shortest time (sometimes within minutes!).

Whichever way you decide to go is up to you. A really good living can be made provided you provide quality. I personally recommend the members club route as the time saved doing research is worth any fee paid for membership subscription. Fees can vary dramatically although many of the products available can vary in quality too.

Resell Rights – My Recommendation

I have a friend based in the UK who is an established marketer and he found the feeling that a lot of these membership sites were in his opinion overcharging their customers to make a quick buck rather than providing genuine quality, so he built his own site at and is changing the game of resell rights marketing.

Free to Join Resale Rights for Your

Keith believes in providing the type of service he likes to receive himself so he decided to make his site free to join and provide the latest information products up front for you to download without charge. You may wish to upgrade at any time for a larger choice of products.

Resell Rights


Where Keith is different is that instead of charging a monthly fee every month he decided to apply a 50% off discount scheme, this way you can make a huge saving and only actually spend any further on products which are forbidden to be provided free by their authors.

His paid for products are already cheaper than his competitors so with a 50% saving on top of that makes every buy a great deal indeed. At the time of writing this post I know it’s only $10.00 for a full year discount scheme membership so I would highly recommend taking a look at Resale Rights For You.Com and making up your own mind.

Surf for resell rights products and you will find hundreds if not thousands to pick from but remember… you WILL need the latest products if you wish to make a profitable business. Choose the best for yourself and succeed.

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