WordPress Themes – Importance

The WordPress Themes you choose could make or break your online business. The look of your site is paramount on how your visitors view your business.

WordPress Themes are really a plugins  that work within the WordPress Platform. Therefore when you find a theme you wish to use or try out, download the zip file and add it from your computer or through the WP plugin/theme library.

The WordPress Themes you choose should allow you maximum creativity in design. It should be easy to manipulate sections. It should allow you to design on a page by page individual basis. It should allow you to add videos, photo carousels, individual images from separate storage servers. The theme should be SEO friendly. The theme should work with all WordPress Plugins.

Most website creators will tell Internet Marketers to have a clean layout. If you are including a blog on your site, it should be the landing page for SEO purposes (most changed and new content for robots to find easily). In most cases you should include a sidebar with key information.

WordPress Themes – Landing Page Key Information

Key information for the sidebar should include things you want people to see and access simply. I suggest that you include:

  • A widget Opt-In or Pop-Up to gain your visitors name and email list (The Money is in Your List).
  • Widgets such as Post Categories and Recent Posts are simple ways your visitors can view eye catching content that you’ve created with one click.
  • Widget Ads like the WP125 plugin are helpful if you choose related Ads to your site and can help you earn a small bit of cash.
  • Other Ads in widgets can also be valuable, but remember you do not want to clutter this up especially on this first page.

WordPress Themes – Your Other Pages

If you are lucky enough to find a Theme Platform that allows you to individually design any and all of your pages you will have an extraordinary advantage over your competition.

By having an individual page design you can build Squeeze pages to sell individual products, have photo sales pages that include galleries, carousels, and slideshows.

Different page layouts allow you to maximize the design to greatest extent you desire instead of just trying to fit what you have onto a lack luster theme page.

WordPress Themes – Drag and Drop Theme Framework for PageLines

PageLines Framework for Drag and Drop Website Creation is the one and only Framework for WordPress that allows you to design your website with drag and drop sections. You get a total of 40 “sections” when you purchase this PageLines Base Theme. To give you an idea of just a few, some are Banner, Boxes, Callout, Masthead, Quickslide, Carousel, Features, Highlight, NavBar, and Sidebar. There are many more available in their online store. Some are free and some are premium.

The framework works with all existing browsers and even with mobile devices. The framework dynamically responds to the resolution of your browser or mobile device.

As far as the layout is concerned, all you do is drag and drop sections to set up your content layout dimensions and then select from one of the five already made page basic layouts.

* * * * * Take a tour of PageLines Framework. * * * * *

You can clone sections from one page or area to another just by dragging and dropping in the page. The original and each clone has a separate identifier so you can have SEO tags for each section within a page.

It comes with over 50 web-safe and Google fonts and you can change them around throughout your site in seconds. When it comes to color, you’ve never seen the options available. You can have shades of colors you’ve never seen on the web before right at your fingertips.

These are only a small amount of options you’ll have with the PageLines Framework. All you have to do is purchase it, download it and load it into you WordPress website. Then the fun begins.

You can purchase the Framework Only options for a Developer/Business Edition with unlimited license for your own and client pages or the Standard Professional Personal Edition with unlimited license for your own pages. However you can get either with PageLines special “Plus” packages.

This site and some of my others will have this new framework by late spring. I am buying the Developer/Business Edition with the Plus package.


My Making Money on the Inter.net website is a Paglines Theme (White House Pro) from about 3 or 4 years ago. Trust me it was the best theme on the market as far as what you could do with the site. But the new framework that PageLines has come up with is like nothing out there. I can’t wait to have the time to implement it.

My wife and I are moving to our retirement home half way across the U.S. and we will be quite busy moving things and fixing things and selling our current home. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to get my sites redesigned. Heck I don’t even have internet in the new house yet. YIKES!

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