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Blog Topics - How to Find Great Blog Topics Find great Blog TopicsΒ  – This is key to writing a successful blog for any Internet Marketer. Content is the most important thing for a blog. Blogs rank well with the search engines and are therefore a great marketing tool. Writing a blog can also greatly help in establishing yourself as an expert.

You should write a new blog entry just about every single day. With all those entries it can be really difficult to come-up with blog topics. So, here are some suggestions for where you can get ideas for much needed blog topics.


The first great place to find blog topics is forums. Be an active member on forums within your niche. You will be able to get a lot of great ideas for blog topics based on what people are talking about. The cool thing about this is that if people are talking about it on a forum then you know it’s important. This will really help you to know that writing a blog on the topic will be important to people.

Search Engines

Another great place to find blog topics is by using search engines. Type in your niche or a search term within your niche and see what comes up. Most likely you will find something that will make a great blog topic. It might take a few minutes and a little digging but you will certainly be able to find a great blog topic.


Finally, another place to find great blog topics is the media. This includes online media, television media, radio media, and any other type of media too. From stories that are in your niche or related to your niche, you will get a lot of great ideas for blog topics.


If you need blog topics then there are a few great places you can go for ideas. You can look on forums, use search engines, or look to the media. Use all 3 of these sources and you will always have plenty of ideas for blog topics.

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10 thoughts on “How To Find Great Blog Topics

  1. Craig Stout says:

    Hi Jay,
    I’m in Week 7 now and ran across your blog. I like the green work you are doing. Here in Boulder, we just put free bicycles around town at stations. Solar installations are popping up everywhere. I’ll try to get back to see how it’s going.
    Craig Stout

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for stopping by. I need to get back over to the MC forum soon. It has been a while since I’ve been in there. There is a group of us that still seem to connect now and then on different things and helping each other outside the forum. Steve King, Mandy Allen, myself, Kathy Dodson, Kieth Alston, Rob Corrigan, and Steve Wilkins seems to be are little click. Steve King and I talk on Skype and catch up now and again.

      The reason I mention this is that the forum is the thing that brought us together and connections are important in marketing. So stay connected with everyone and maybe get some joint ventures and projects going.

      I visit Warrior Forum sometimes, and I am a moderator in the WordPress Classroom 2.o (WP2) forum. From the WP2 connection with Matt Wolfe he has offered me a place on his next expansion of WP2 which will be about blogging.

      So stay connected with everyone and find out who has like interests. I have so many interests (like my green site) that I want to share info about. My other interests are music and photography so I made friends in Harrison Arkansas that have a recording studio and photography studio and put up sites for them (links on the site).

      All of my real IT stuff will be on eventually. I am adding content in it all the time. It will be a membership site and web presence for my web services that I offer. A nice little catch all site with products to giveaway, any product that I create, totorials and videos on doing just about anything on line. This takes a long time to do correctly and at some point I’ll open the membership part up for the general public. Right now only a few friends have access to give me ideas on how to present things.

      Stop by when you can at all my sites and friend sites. Who knows, we may be doing business together in the future.


  2. Mandy Allen says:

    Great idea for blog topics, Jay. There are anumber of sites you can go to for ‘daily ideas’ but I really like the forum touch.

    Enjoy the journey.


    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Mandy,

      Hope everything is fine with you and your Mum.

      Yes I think people forget how important it is to visit and be active in forums. All you have to do is find an active thread and TaDa you have a topic to write to..then post a link to your blog in the thread…automatic interest!

      Then too, remember to have a good signature in the forum so people can find you when you leave good content in those forums. πŸ˜‰


  3. I see you are a fellow MC student… I finished the class last year and I have been away from IM for quite some time… just got enough of the hype, but I am back now!

    I really like your blog topic inspiration idea… I also use book titels on Amazon and related magazine titels. But most of all… I use my everyday life as inspiration… I just did a blog post on how to use a bithday party as inspiration to project management.

    I always have, in the back of my head, this thought of… how can I use this in marketing or building a business. I belive that inspiration comes from all around us, we just have to open our eyes!


    PS.I really like your Twitter box, where did you get that?

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Marlene,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I was in the original class and I am glad that I took the course for the overall look at building websites (which I had been doing long hand for years), creating sales pages, creating products and marketing.

      My main niche lately is building WP websites and teaching folks how to use the admin panel and plug-ins to accomplish what they want to do. But I still run three sites and am involved with four others as a webmaster.

      The twitter widget is available at:

      Let me know if I can help you out. (


  4. Terry Conti says:

    Hi Jay,

    Very useful knowledge you got going on here. I will heed your words when it comes time to write another blog post. Thanks for sharing.

    Terry Conti

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for the compliment. I try hard to have good content that everyone can use in my blog. I spend a lot of time in contemplation of what I’ll post.

      I suppose I could post “something” in here more often, but I’d rather have the better content.

      Thanks for stopping by and using your valuable time here. I hope you check out and use all of the content in here.


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