The Daytona 500

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I am so glad racing season has started again. The past couple of Sunday’s have been boring with no football or racing. I thought the Daytona 500 was great. I’m so glad Jack Roush finally got a Daytona victory and Matt Kenseth is one of my favorite drivers. I am a big Ford fan. I know there’s not many of us out there. It seems most people are Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans. Dale Earnhardt Jr. sure caused a big wreck at Daytona. If it had been any other driver they would have been penalized but Jr. always gets special treatment. It is very dangerous to intentionally spin someone at the front of the field when the cars are going close to 200 mph. His aggressive driving caused several cars on the lead lap to get wrecked it’s just lucky no one got hurt. I know he was frustrated that he made two mistakes on pit road but to intentionally spin someone does not make sense. I can understand taking your frustrations out at the short tracks but not on the super speedways. I think Jr. spun him because Brian Vickers was blocking him. But Kyle Busch was blocking Jr. earlier and Jr. blocks quite frequently. I just wish NASCAR would enforce the rules the same way for everybody. I can’t wait for the next race in California.



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