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Everyone loves music! It is even more fun to learn and play music.

I learned how to play the piano, organ, trumpet and tuba growing up. I also sang in the church choir, and in the schools pop groups, chorus and concert choir. However, I got away from it for a time while I served in the Army, as a government contractor and civil servant for a total of 37 years.

When I was buying my retirement house, the man I bought it from was a blues guitar player, so he talked me into learning to play guitar (acoustic). I bought an entry level Martin DX-1 which sounds great and has good action.

I finally moved here to Arkansas and found many friends that play music, so I have people to jam with and learn all the trick from them. I found that the more musically adapt people I play with, the more I learn….and you never stop learning! It is just fun to try new songs and learn them, plus I sing so I am learning new words to songs all the time and working my brain hard. They say if you don’t use it you loose it, so I want to keep my mind active and have as much fun as I can.

Why music on this page?

This area that I have created “Music Just For Fun” will have music CD’s, music lesson books, and maybe eventually video training from some of my music friends. Many of the friends I’ve made here play professionally. I live only 20 miles from Branson, MO and there are more theater seats there than New York City. I also have a friend that runs her own recording studio “The Studio – Harrison.”

I think it is also important to try new things in life. We all used to do this when we were younger, so why stop learning now? Life is just too short not to have fun.

Music that I play

I like all types of different music, but I prefer to play folk, country, bluegrass, classic rock and some laid back blues . I’ll pull out the guitar and play YouTube music videos on the computer and try to play along just for the fun of it. I try to play and sing some every day. One of the things I enjoy on nice days is to sit on the porch and play and sing to the birds.

I hope that you enjoy this change of pace and try something new like music, just for fun.

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