Video Marketing Augments any Type of Marketing

All of us have seen video marketing at work. The best part is that all of us like video marketing because we do not have to read anything and like they say “A picture is worth a thousand word” for understanding the message.

What all this means is that Video Marketing and adding videos to posts and pages will help us get our point across, gain more opt-ins and have more sales, which of course all of us want in the end.

The Problems with Video Marketing

The major deterrents in video marketing has been simple things like actually having to sit down to make the video and not having the confidence to extend ourselves beyond our comfort zones. This problem has been my main problem for several years. This year I am going to change that. A new Year and another push to move forward in my online business.

Up until now, you needed several software packages to implement video marketing. The first thing you needed was software to capture from your screen or from your camera (like Camtasia). Then if you didn’t buy the right capture software you need to buy some software to render the video in a proper format. The price of all these combined was another stumbling block for me.

Now that you can film and render, how about a place to park (store) your video online. You can do this on your own server space but this slows video loading and you can get jumpy video when your viewers are watching. This is not a good thing, but you can rent space that is very affordable and fast by using Amazon S3. The servers provide fast speeds and are built to handle video transfers. So now you have to load the videos individually and know the code or url to connect them to your site, emails or where ever.

Video Marketing Problems Solved

Besides the first problem, which may or may not be a problem of yours, there is now an simple answer to all the problems. Video Marketing just became so much easier and affordable with “Easy Video Suite“. All the tools are included. You can actually record, edit, render, convert and upload all from within this desktop app! You will need to get an account with Amazon S3 or other space for your online storage.

Video Marketing with Easy Video Suite will solve the problems I mentioned above. Even my hesitance about the cost. Then too, no more jumping from program to program. I’ve seen EVS in action behind the scenes from Matt Wolfe prior to the product launching on January 15th 2013.

While I have not used EVS before, I have played with Easy Video Player and EVP 2.0. There is not a major marketer NOT using one of these. With the additional perks in EVS trust me everyone will be buying it, including me. Being I know Matt Wolfe very well, anything he says works, I believe. Having his video walk through to go by just seals the deal for me. I’ll be buying EVS on Jan 15th unless it is offered to me on the January 8th pre-launch date.

Easy Video Suite includes the software you need to do either screen capture video orΒ  video from your computer camera with the click of a button. You can also use a hand held camera if you choose.

Easy Video Suite automatically converts videos to the best format for web so you don’t have to investigate which works best and then convert your videos. If you save a video file from your hand held camera, once it is on your computer all you do is drag and drop it into your EVS desktop app and it automatically converts it to the best format for the web. How simple is that?

Video Marketing with Easy Video Suite makes it easy for you to edit right in EVS desktop for adding your business branding to each video at the beginning and/or end of them. How about adding an opt-in that pops up at a certain point that the viewer needs to add their information before the video continues? Do you think that could build your list?

Another Video Marketing options is that you can also create chapters in your longer videos that viewers can click on to jump chapters, etc. If you choose, you can combine several of your videos into one large video using the same Time Line Feature. Ta Dah! Video Marketing at it’s easiest.

Did I forget to mention the editing tools available while you are doing your step by step screen capture? You can highlight items with color or draw arrows or add circles…you get the idea. You can make you videos as fun as you wish.. πŸ˜‰

There is so much in this package for you to explore. If you intend to do ANYTHING with video marketing, I encourage you to take a look at “Easy Video Suite

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