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This is a follow-on post from Mandy Allen.  She is a classmate of mine from John Thorhill’s Marketing Masterclass.  She is a terrific writer and guest blogs on several sites.  Mandy and Steve King have developed a great member site for people trying to get the know how on accomplishing good this with internet marketing (http://thejohnthornhillfanclub.com) so check it out.

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Finding a Free Exhibition Venue

Following on from the last post on making money from your art, you should now have your pieces ready.  They are tastefully framed and appropriately priced.  We can now look at how to find a suitable venue to exhibit your initial works.

The first option is to join an art group who hold annual, or more regular, exhibitions.  This is usually a free way to exhibit, although you will be limited to the number of pieces you can show in a joint exhibition like this.  Most groups however will make a small weekly charge for attending the classes.

Another free option is to look for charitable exhibitions.  Usually these types of exhibition will ask for a particular topic or genre of work, and a small percentage of any sales will be donated to the charity.

One advantage of both of these is that they are very good when you are just starting out, not only because the cost is little or nothing, but also because you will not need many works ready as they will take limited numbers of entries, possibly as few as maybe 2 or 3 pieces of work. 

Choose your best pieces to exhibit as these joint exhibitions, which are held for a short period of time, usually get a large number of people through the door.  They also often attract art critics and exhibition gallery owners looking for new artists to invite to show at their premises.  Make sure you make the best impression you can.

Next time I will talk about paid options for exhibiting.

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