If you really want to succeed with Internet Marketing then you’re going to need to outsource some or all of your writing at some point. But it can be hard to find the right writers for you and your Internet Marketing business. So, here are 3 places to find them.

The first place to find an Internet Marketing writer is on Internet Marketing forums. There is usually a wealth of Internet Marketing writers on these forums. Writers know where the work is so they will frequent these forums. Just make sure you do not automatically assume a writer found on one of these forums is a good writer. Still ask to see samples and, if possible, get references too. I have found several quality writers on the Warrior Forum.

The next place to go if you need an Internet Marketing writer is the search engines. Simply type in the kind of writer you’re looking for. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the great results you get. Again, be careful about choosing a writer though. Make sure you see samples and get references. And be very clear with your expectations for the writer.

Finally, if you need an Internet Marketing writer then bidding sites like Elance or Rentacoder are decent places to look. But beware of these sites. There are probably more bad writers then there are good ones there. And many of the writers on these sites are overworked and underpaid. So, be very careful when using these sites.

What to look for in a writer:
     A writer that puts out Unique Content, not rehashed trivial information
     A writer that will take your direction to heart
     A writer that knows the information you what to put out there
     A writer that fits into you budget

Need an Internet Marketing writer? Three places to find them are Internet Marketing forums, using search engines, and using bidding sites. You can certainly find great writers at all three of these places. But you still need to be careful and ask for samples and references no matter where you look to find your next great writer who will help you achieve Internet Marketing success.

To Your Incredible Success!

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