Burning the Fat: Aerobics and Weight Loss

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  Aerobic exercise involves or improves oxygen consumption by the body. Aerobic means with oxygen and refers to the use of oxygen in the body’s metabolic or energy-generating process.

  Many types of exercise are aerobic, and by definition are performed at moderate levels of intensity for extended periods of time. To obtain the best results, an aerobic exercise session involves a warming up period, followed by at least 20 minutes of moderate to intense exercise involving large muscle groups, and a cooling down period at the end.

  Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness). Aerobic exercise helps to prevent illness and promote physical fitness.

  There are many benefits to starting an aerobics program for your body. One of the greatest benefits of aerobics is that you can use it to burn fat in ways that are easier on your body than dieting. While you are building up a sweat and working on your heart rate, all of your muscles are also benefitting from the aerobics work that you are doing. As you bring new blood and oxygen to all of your body systems, you are going to find that you are giving yourself the best chance to really get rid of all that unwanted fat as you go along. Working hard to burn fat is something that you can finally take control of when you are doing aerobics on a regular basis.

  When you body is in constant motion, all of the body systems are working hard to maintain body functions at a normal rate. Because your muscles need to be moving more, your heart is going to have to work harder because the only way to get your muscles to move faster is to supply them with more blood and therefore more oxygen. Because your heart has to work harder your lungs need to work harder to provide your heart with the oxygen that it needs to keep pumping.

  All of these things are going to work in tandem with each other so that you are getting the most out of your entire work out. When all of these systems are working together, you are going to find that you are stronger than you thought you would be. As your entire body fights to work harder, you are going to find that you are burning fat because your body needs energy to keep moving and to stay moving at a certain rate. It will find this energy in the stored pockets of fat that you have in your body.


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