Week 4, Marketing Masterclass

I everyone.  Yesterday being Monday it was time to receive week 4 of the Masterclass.  Guess what?  It came on time.  I thought we would be ready to go with the Graphics from Planet Divinity, I mean with the slight problems I had, I still got mine within a day, but alas other haven’t ordered any yet.  So John gave us week 5 in week 4.  Then next week we will truly do week 4.  But this is week 4….hay it can’t be that complicated.

So this week we registered with AWeber for people registering with our blog.  AWeber handles mail listings, keeps track of registrants, and with only a small time from us doing setups and verbalizing, emails comfirmations and thank yous.  Really pretty great and very much needed if you are to do internet marketing.

The bottom line this week was to register/create and account with AWeber, create our first list, edit sign-up settings, get the AWeber code, edit the AWeber code to fit our page, then install the code to our blog.  This was all very easy and I completed the entire weeks lesson in less than two hours.  I did not rush at all.  I read all the written content, viewed each entire video lesson, and even looked at the videos provided by AWeber for each step.

Cheers, Jay

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