3rd Nascar Race Las Vegas

Well no three in a row for Matt Kenseth. After winning two straight races, he finished in last place because of a blown engine. Jack Rousch had 3 blown engines in the race. David Ragan blew an engine and finished 42nd. Carl Edwards blew an engine with 2 laps to go but he was able to finish the race and get a fairly decent finish. Kyle Busch won the race on his home track. Clint Bowyer had another good run and finished 2nd. Richard Childress Racing had a pretty good day with Bowyer 2nd and Jeff Burton finishing in 3rd place. David Reutiman had a great run and finished 4th.I was really happy to see Bobby Labonte have a good run and finish 5th. Greg Biffle had a solid 7th place finish. Jamie McMurray finally had some good luck and finished 9th. Joey Lagono finally showed some of his promise and finished in 13th place. I think Lagono has a ton of talent and will win a couple of championships in his career. I don’t think he’ll win a race this year but I definitely think he’ll win at least one race next year. Matt Kenseth fell from 1st to 3rd in points due to his engine problems. Jeff Gordon is leading the points standings so far this year. He’s had a pretty good start to his year. Clint Bowyer is a surprise in 2nd in the points standings especially since he’s with a new team. David Reutiman is currently 5th in the points standings. Tony Stewart is also having a great year and is currently in 9th in points. It was really cool to have a race named for Caroll Shelby who has been an automotive genius for many years. I loved the Shelby pace cars they were really neat looking. I would love to own one of the Shelby Mustangs he has created over the years. I can’t wait for the Atlanta race it’s the fastest track on the circuit.


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Aerobic exercise is a great way to lose weight because it helps you burn fat. To maximize the benefits of aerobic exercise it must be done at a certain intensity level. Exercising at the proper intensity level strengthens the heart and the entire respiratory system which results in good health and it also enhances your performance in all forms of exercise. Aerobic conditioning is the foundation of your fitness program because it prepares your body to handle other high intensity exercises. The intensity level of your aerobic workout is the most important aspect of your aerobic program. Aerobic workouts should remain an important part of any training regimen.

  Your exercise heart rate is the best way to measure the intensity of your workout. If you maintain your target heart rate, your body becomes a calorie burning machine. Training below your target zone may not be intense enough to burn sufficient calories, while training above your zone will force your body to burn calories anaerobically (without or lacking oxygen) and inefficiently. Your maximum heart rate is calculated by using the following formula 220-age= Maximum heart rate (the fastest your heart can beat) 60%-80% of this max is your THR zone. A heart rate monitor is a good tool to have so that you maintain the proper target zone. A heart rate monitor is strapped around your chest and it sends the results to a digital watch that you will be wearing. Your individual level of fitness will ultimately determine where you fall within this range. Use the following as a guide for determining your intensity level:
                                    -Beginner or low fitness level. . 50% – 60%
                                    -Average fitness level . . . . . . . . 60% – 70%
                                     -High fitness level . . . . . . . . . . . 75% – 85%
  If you workout routine is too intense, you may cause injury to yourself and not see the results that you would like to see. However, if your work out is not intense enough, you will not see any benefits. You’ll have to find an exercise program that has just the right intensity for you so that you can reap the most benefits from your exercise program. You will also need to re-work the intensity of your workout as your tolerance and endurance increases. You will need to examine your exercise routine every week or two and make the necessary changes. You should do aerobic exercise for at least twenty minutes 3-5 days per week. You should gradually work up to exercising 45-60 minutes.



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Your Internet Marketing Store

Hi y’all.  (no I’m not from the south…originally from Minnesota but have lived in Virginia for 20+ years)

I want to tell you about this terrific site if you are doing anything in the realm of Internet Marketing.  I know there are hundreds of sites out there claiming to be the best and I’ve looked at many of those sites.  Most of the time they offer some of the things you’d be interested in but the cost is too much.  You can do what I used to do roming from this site to that site for individual items, but why do that when you can go to just one site and get what you need.  You only have to deal with one site for all your needs and they are great to deal with whatever your need.  I have first hand experience dealing with Planet Divinity.  No matter what problems I’ve encountered (self generated by me) they have always been helpful in resolving them even though they were not their problems.  Having partnerships like this in business is a very important commodity.

Planet Divinity offers many things on it’s site.  The key offerings are PRE-MADE WEBSITES for AdSense and  E-book that you can host and immediately begin earning money on the Internet.  They also offer CUSTOM SITES built exactly to your specifications.  They also offer CUSTOM WEBSITE GRAPHICS for every need whether it be Headers, Footers, Logo’s or just funny looking characters they can do it all.  CUSTOM PHYSICAL GRAPHICS are also available for CD Cases, Disc Labels, etc.  THIS IS TRUE PROFFESIONAL DESIGN AT INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE PRICES.  Most of the time they will have graphics completed for you within 48 hours.  Just try to find a place that offers that timeline without an additional cost…you will not find even one.  Personally I have never waited longer than over night for my graphics.  Terrific work completed at the speed of the Internet….imagine that!!

Please check Planet Divinity out for your business or personal needs.  I am sure you will be satisfied with anything you purchase from them.  Notice the new header and footer graphics on this page that I added during the week of 2 March 2009 during my John Thornhill’s Master Marketing Class.  These graphics were purchased from Planet Divinity.  While you are visiting the site check out the software tools they offer to make Internet Marketing easy for you. You will be very glad you did.  They have G R E A T deals.  😉



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Waiting for Week 5

It has been a long week for me waiting for our next lesson.  I guess I shouldn’t complete the lessons as fast as I have been lately.  Although I am sure that other lessons will take me much longer to complete.

I have spent my time this past week checking out WordPress (that is the power behind this blog site and provided as an option for my D9 host site) and found out things to make it easier for me to improve things.  One thing I found was expansion of the blog entry box.  The default is 20 lines and I found out in the settings area that I can change it to a larger area just by changing the number of lines and saving the setup.  I now have it set to 50 lines which for me makes it easier to read, spell check and proof-read every blog before we post them.

I also spent some time on the cPanel of my hosting site with D9.  I can’t wait to start having add-on domains and sub-domains.  It all looks very easy to manage anything from just the one panel.  It provides all of your hosting information for your site and all the statistics related to it also.  Just about anything you need for your site is just a point and click method.  You do not NEED to know HTML at all.  However, having played with web sites before, it is always good to know HTML just in case you would like to modify things a bit.  All in all a pretty slick deal for the price. 

This morning I have been madly trying to ensure I have all my links, IDs and Passwords on my laptop so I can travel and continue working on the Marketing Masterclass.  I have one of those USB pocket drives that I basically have for my photo’s.  So I loaded our Masterclass desktop folder onto it so I can take it along, plug it into the laptop and I have all that information.  This will become important this week I think when we add graphics to our sites.  Thinking ahead I save the header and footer graphics I purchased from Planet Divinity into a sub-folder called (what else) “Graphics”.

Don’t forget to check out the links highlighted in this blog.  I put them in case you are interested in them.  The D9 hostings is obvious, but the HTML link take you to a site that has free HTML code for you to use on your site.

Cheers,  Jay

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Aerobics and Your Heart

Everyone knows that aerobics is good for your body but it is also beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart. Thirty minutes of daily aerobic activity such as walking, bicycling, or swimming can help you live longer and healthier. Aerobics has both short and long term benefits. Aerobics is beneficial in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. It also improves your immune system. If aerobics is done daily, it may lower your risk for heart disease. Vigorous aerobic exercise can help improve the fitness of the lungs and heart which is even more beneficial to the heart. Aerobics forces the heart and lungs to work harder.  Aerobic exercise increases lung capacity and strengthens the heart muscle. Doing aerobic exercise everyday forces your heart to work harder which makes it stronger. A stronger and healthier heart allows you to do aerobics for a longer period of time. Aerobic exercise can condition your heart and lungs if performed at the proper intensity level for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week. People swear that doing aerobics makes them feel healthy and helps to improve every aspect of their life. If you are just starting your workout program, you have to gradually work your way up to doing aerobic exercise for 30-40 minutes. Aerobic activity is safe for most people but it’s important to get a doctor’s ok first. Aerobics is beneficial for people who want to become healthier.

 Regular physical activity helps you feel better by giving you more energy, providing stress relief, and improving your sleep. It also helps you look better by toning your muscles and aiding in weight loss. Regular physical activity also helps you work better by increasing your capacity for physical work, helps you build stamina and muscle strength, and helps your heart and lungs work more efficiently. When you look at aerobics and heart health, you are going to see that the more aerobics you can do the healthier your heart is going to become and the better your heart will work for you.



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Week 2 Nascar Race: Auto Club 500 from California

Wow! Two in a row for Matt Kenseth. That’s impressive after not winning a race at all last year. It’s also a great start for his rookie crew chief, Drew Blickensderfer. I hope that Kenseth continues to do well all year. Roush Racing is really looking good so far this year. At one time all five of the Roush cars were in the top 10 but Jamie McMurray and David Ragan faded and wound up finishing 16th and 17th. I really thought the Jamie McMurray had a good chance to win the race but he wasn’t nearly as strong as I thought he would be. Jeff Gordon was also real strong all day and gave Kenseth a run for his money at the end. I think that Jeff Gordon will stop his winless streak soon and maybe even win at Las Vegas. It was also a great run for Greg Biffle who finished fourth and Kurt Busch who finished fifth. Tony Stewart who finished 8th has been real impressive so far this year especially considering he’s a new team owner and he’s in the first year with his new team. Kyle Busch rebounded and finished 3rd after a bad Daytona race. Brain Vickers had a good run and finished 10th after having to start at the back of the field. Denny Hamlin and Carl Edwards finished 6th and 7th. Jimmy Johnson finished 9th. It was also quite surprising that Hendrick had two engine failures and Dale Earnhart Jr. and Mark Martin finished 39th and 40th. The next race is in Las Vegas. I have a feeling that Kurt and Kyle Busch will both have great runs there. I think that Biffle and Edwards also have a great chance to win at Las Vegas. I can’t wait for next week.



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