2009 PBR Season

Late last year I got hooked on the Professional Bull Riders Series. This year I have watched all of the rodeos so far. The majority of the rodeos are on Versus but sometimes they air on NBC. I hope to get to be able to attend some rodeos in the near future. The cowboys that do this for a living are crazy and they sustain a lot of injuries. Last week Brian Herman broke his ankle when he was bucked off a bull. A couple of weeks ago Ednei Caminhas broke his collarbone when a bull stepped on him. These guys also get a lot of concussions and suffer broken bones quite frequently. I’ve seen the bulls go after the cowboys and stomp all over them after they’ve been bucked off. These guys get paid well for only having to stay on a bull for eight (8) seconds but boy do their bodies take a lot of punishment. I also love the bull fighters. They are always there to help when a cowboy gets bucked off and the bull is trying to go after the cowboy they are there to take a lot of the shots that are met for the cowboy. They also distract the bull when the cowboys get bucked off so that the cowboy can get away. Some of favorite cowboys are: JB Mauney who is currently leading the standings. A couple a weeks ago he rode Bones and won $20,000 just for riding one bull. Bones had never been ridden before. Bones was also voted bull of the year last year. The owner of the bull put up $20,000 because he didn’t think the bull could be ridden. I also like Chris Shivers, Wiley Petersen, Ryan Dirteater, and Brendon Clark. My favorite bulls are Chicken on a Chain which is partially owned by Larry the Cable Guy. He also owns a couple of other bulls. I also like Bones, Copperhead Slinger, and Troubadour.



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Burning the Fat: Aerobics and Weight Loss

Thought you may be interested in some free information.  We gathered this information from wanting to improve our health and fitness.


  Aerobic exercise involves or improves oxygen consumption by the body. Aerobic means with oxygen and refers to the use of oxygen in the body’s metabolic or energy-generating process.

  Many types of exercise are aerobic, and by definition are performed at moderate levels of intensity for extended periods of time. To obtain the best results, an aerobic exercise session involves a warming up period, followed by at least 20 minutes of moderate to intense exercise involving large muscle groups, and a cooling down period at the end.

  Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness). Aerobic exercise helps to prevent illness and promote physical fitness.

  There are many benefits to starting an aerobics program for your body. One of the greatest benefits of aerobics is that you can use it to burn fat in ways that are easier on your body than dieting. While you are building up a sweat and working on your heart rate, all of your muscles are also benefitting from the aerobics work that you are doing. As you bring new blood and oxygen to all of your body systems, you are going to find that you are giving yourself the best chance to really get rid of all that unwanted fat as you go along. Working hard to burn fat is something that you can finally take control of when you are doing aerobics on a regular basis.

  When you body is in constant motion, all of the body systems are working hard to maintain body functions at a normal rate. Because your muscles need to be moving more, your heart is going to have to work harder because the only way to get your muscles to move faster is to supply them with more blood and therefore more oxygen. Because your heart has to work harder your lungs need to work harder to provide your heart with the oxygen that it needs to keep pumping.

  All of these things are going to work in tandem with each other so that you are getting the most out of your entire work out. When all of these systems are working together, you are going to find that you are stronger than you thought you would be. As your entire body fights to work harder, you are going to find that you are burning fat because your body needs energy to keep moving and to stay moving at a certain rate. It will find this energy in the stored pockets of fat that you have in your body.


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Week 4, Marketing Masterclass

I everyone.  Yesterday being Monday it was time to receive week 4 of the Masterclass.  Guess what?  It came on time.  I thought we would be ready to go with the Graphics from Planet Divinity, I mean with the slight problems I had, I still got mine within a day, but alas other haven’t ordered any yet.  So John gave us week 5 in week 4.  Then next week we will truly do week 4.  But this is week 4….hay it can’t be that complicated.

So this week we registered with AWeber for people registering with our blog.  AWeber handles mail listings, keeps track of registrants, and with only a small time from us doing setups and verbalizing, emails comfirmations and thank yous.  Really pretty great and very much needed if you are to do internet marketing.

The bottom line this week was to register/create and account with AWeber, create our first list, edit sign-up settings, get the AWeber code, edit the AWeber code to fit our page, then install the code to our blog.  This was all very easy and I completed the entire weeks lesson in less than two hours.  I did not rush at all.  I read all the written content, viewed each entire video lesson, and even looked at the videos provided by AWeber for each step.

Cheers, Jay

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Anticipation of Week 4

Well here I am again, waiting on the new week to begin for the John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass.  I received my new graphics from Planet Divinity yesterday (thanks Steve).  So now I am waiting for guidance from John on how to load the graphics into the themes.  I could probably figure this out on my own, but I am paying for John to instruct me to how to do these things the correct way the first time.  I am going to try and do this step by step so I don’t mess it up, like I did with the widgets (lol).

I had planned on watching my car and bike shows on SPEED Channel this morning and then getting outside to do some yard work, but the weather isn’t cooperating.  It has started raining/snowing out several times and I really don’t want to be out in it.  Plus the wind is blowing a bit and the wind chill is always the clincher on these type of project for me.

Yesterday morning I went down to Waugh Harley Davidson to visit with the owner and other friends that stopped by as they always do on the weekends.  There is always a pot of coffee on and welcoming faces at Waugh HD.  The only thing missing is a good draft beverage.  The weather was nicer yesterday and it was great to get some fresh air out on the front porch sitting in a rocking chair. 

This afternoon is as another NASCAR Sprint Cup Race from Fontana, California.  Yesterday I found time to watch the Craftsman Truck Race in the afternoon and the Nationwide Series Race which came on last night.  All racing is good racing to me.


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Week Three (continued)

OK at the last writing I was waiting for AdSense to approve the site and give me the authentication code.  I got that in email on Wednesday.  So Wednesday night I added the code to the new themes to allow AdSense to post rotating advertisements to my sites based on a word search of the site for relevancy.  Pretty cool idea.  Then I proceeded to upload the themes to the site space.  This was really easy by following John’s instruction.  The next step was to change the theme on the site itself.  This again was easy to do.  However, I had been playing with the widgets on the old theme and I had duplicate links, recommended sites, etc.  So I sent in a ticket for support.  Daniel was quick to respond about the widgets and I corrected the problem within minutes (just had to turn off the widgets).  After this I changed to each of the themes to ensure they would work, and they worked just fine.

The last step which John said was optional but suggested was to order graphic for the footer and header.  John once again worked with the site to obtain a good deal for us.  So I went to Planet Divinity to order the graphics.  The site said that when you clicked the order button a form would come up for your preferences.  So I clicked the order button and the next thing I saw was payment information…I just figured I’d order the graphics and work out the details latter.  After ordering I sent a note to the Masterclass and Daniel informed me to contact Planet Divinity (he provided a link from the email) and said Steve would help me with the problem.  So of course I emailed Steve and a couple hours latter he sent me an email with the form, which I filled out and sent back to him.  I should have my new graphics any time now.

Needless to say, even with the problems I’ve encountered (some of which I caused myself) the help is great and I just keep on trucking along.   I said this before THIS CLASS IS G R E A T !


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The Daytona 500

Hi all,


I am so glad racing season has started again. The past couple of Sunday’s have been boring with no football or racing. I thought the Daytona 500 was great. I’m so glad Jack Roush finally got a Daytona victory and Matt Kenseth is one of my favorite drivers. I am a big Ford fan. I know there’s not many of us out there. It seems most people are Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans. Dale Earnhardt Jr. sure caused a big wreck at Daytona. If it had been any other driver they would have been penalized but Jr. always gets special treatment. It is very dangerous to intentionally spin someone at the front of the field when the cars are going close to 200 mph. His aggressive driving caused several cars on the lead lap to get wrecked it’s just lucky no one got hurt. I know he was frustrated that he made two mistakes on pit road but to intentionally spin someone does not make sense. I can understand taking your frustrations out at the short tracks but not on the super speedways. I think Jr. spun him because Brian Vickers was blocking him. But Kyle Busch was blocking Jr. earlier and Jr. blocks quite frequently. I just wish NASCAR would enforce the rules the same way for everybody. I can’t wait for the next race in California.



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