Tips to help you Become a Successful Blogger

Blogging is a great way to make money online. You can write a blog to market your online business or you can make money directly from your blog. It’s completely up to you. But if you want to be a successful blogger, then there are some things you need to make sure you do.

There is nothing wrong with blogging once a week, but the more you blog the more traffic you will receive. All of these blogs put some merit in quantity and blog a ton of content, yet they try and not sacrifice on quality either. This isn’t easy to accomplish by any means, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that quantity doesn’t matter.

Your blog posts should always provide value to your readers. You need to give people a reason to read your blog and to continue reading it. This seems very obvious but many bloggers fail to actually do it. So, if you want to be a successful blogger than you need to provide value by either entertaining or educating your readers.

Not only do you have to provide value to your readers but you also need to write to your audience. This is very important for being a successful blogger. You need to think about who your audience is and what they are interested in. You also want to think about how they talk and what kind of readers they might be. Then incorporate all of that into each and every blog. With every blog you write make sure you keep your intended audience in mind.

The final great tip to be a successful blogger is to write great headlines. You want the headline to hook the readers and make them actually read the blog. After all, if the headline doesn’t attract people then your blog won’t get read and it won’t be successful.

So make sure you write headlines that are catchy and that get people to read your blog. If you follow these tips then you are on your way to becoming a successful blogger. Remember that blogging is a long term process and it can take time to build up your blogs traffic, so just write useful content and keep blogging.

To Your Incredible Success!

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3 thoughts on “Tips to help you Become a Successful Blogger

  1. Jay Mueller says:

    The biggest secret to getting targeted readers to your blog is valued content for your niche written by you. Inject your personality by sharing a bit of your life with your readers every now an again. Post a blog on a pretty consistant basis 2 or 3 times a week. Then send emails out to your list and tell them about the posts being available.

    You will also need to find other blogs in your niche that you can comment on. Read the article, and post a valued comment leaving your name and url at the end of the post. Do this on a regular basis on sites that have a lot of traffic. Also good to note is to be one of the first to comment you’ll get more traffic.

    Good luck with your blog and product.


  2. Diane says:

    Hi Jay! Good Info and a great response. Another enlightening tidbit is commenting and leaving your url at the end of the post. It makes perfect sense; however, sometime the obvious alludes us just getting starting as there is so much to learn. I also didn’t realize that commenting – and being the first generates more traffic. How does that work?

    Thanks! Diane

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Diane,

      If you think about it it makes real good sense. If you are the first to comment, you are at the top spot. So people will see your comment, and read it. If your content inspires or intrigues them, they will visit your site. This holds true for most sites, however on some sites the last comment (most recent) is listed first. But all comments are good.


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