The Art of Making Money From Your Art

I am very honoured to have been asked by Jay Mueller to post a series of guest articles here on his and Lynne’s site.  I debated what I should write about that might offer Jay and Lynne not only unique content but also a unique angle for the blog posts. 

In my non-Internet life I own 3 shops.  2 of the shops are antiques centres, and one is an art gallery.  I have been working on an ebook for sometime about ‘How To Make Money From Your Art’ and I decided to use this opportunity to bring to you some of the ideas I have included in the ebook. 

To start this short series I would like to talk today about the presentation of your artwork.  Essentially you will find a lot of the time this is a big factor in whether you sell or do not sell, but more importantly, it will factor greatly in the decision by a gallery to hang your pictures.  If your artwork is badly framed a gallery will not take your work in for you.

Always get your artwork framed and mounted properly.  If you go to a low cost store and by a pre-made frame your artwork will look cheap.  Go to a good quality framers, listen their advice, and make sure you present your piece of work in the best possible way.

If you feel you cannot afford the framing costs straight away try to sell a few unframed, mounted pieces of work and put the money aside to use for framing other works.  Remember, you are investing in your future business.

If you do not know a reliable framer visit a few galleries or artist’s studios and ask for recommendations.  Then visit a few of the framers with a piece of your artwork and see what they suggest and how much a good framing service will cost.

In terms of pricing your artwork, if you do not have any idea where to pitch it, as a rule of thumb items should be at least two and a half times the cost of framing.  This, of course, is only if you use a professional framer – and you may value your work at a much higher price, but this is the minimum you should set it at.

You will find in the long run using a quality framers will be a great investment as it totally improves the presentation of your artwork. 

If you would like to visit my other sites please check out my two antiques centres at, , you can see my art gallery at and I also run a spiritual site at if you are interested to know a bit more about spiritualism.

Enjoy the journey.




Thanks for another great post from you.  Everyone, please take the time to check out Mandy’s sites.  They are all terrific and worth your time.


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3 thoughts on “The Art of Making Money From Your Art

  1. Blog Service says:

    Walt had very early interests in art, he would often sell drawings to neighbours to make extra money. Blog Service

  2. Mandy Allen says:

    Hi Jay and Lynne,

    Thanks for the opportunity to post this. I will mail out to all my subscribers to let them know it’s here!

    Enjoy the journey.
    Where life begins…

  3. John Edwards says:

    Hi Jay-Lynne-Mandy,

    Iread this post and couldn`t help but to think , how you can relate this toi your eBay listing with how to properly present your pictures?


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