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So you have got your eBay store up and running, your items are listed, and everything is ready to be shipped – but no one’s bidding. There is one crucial step you are probably missing: promoting your eBay store. Without promotion, no one will know that you even exist! After all of the time and effort you put into setting up your eBay store, skipping out on the marketing aspect of your business just doesn’t make sense. EBay offers a number of marketing tools that you can use to promote your store including email marketing, a customized listing header, promotional flyers, cross-promotions, and listing feeds. You can access these tools by clicking the Marketing Tools link in my eBay.

Promoting your eBay store isn’t hard to do at all. Start simple, and you don’t even need to spend money to get it going. You can begin promoting your eBay store just by adding your store’s website address into all of your online correspondence. Tag your e-mails to automatically include your store URL in your signature, and add a link to your store in the signature line of any forums that you participate in. This only takes two seconds to do, and it’s free promotion for your store every time you say anything online.

Whip up some promotion fliers right on your home computer. Using Microsoft Word and a little creativity, you can produce a flier that advertises your store, what kind of items you have to offer, and where buyers can find you online. Pass these out to friends and family to hang up at work, ask about posting them in local grocery and convenience stores, and even keep a digitalized version that you can upload to websites offering free postings for press releases.

Spruce up your eBay About Me page. Your ME page is a profile for your eBay business, and many people don’t even bother setting one up. It’s a quick, easy, and free way to drive more business to your store. You can add in personal information about you, what your store offers, and even outline your customer service and return policy. If you’re not savvy with HTML, hit up the web for some free eBay ME page layouts – try searching for “free eBay ME page layouts” or “free eBay about me page generators” to find some free templates you can use to give your ME page a little more personality. Once you create this page, users can click the “me” icon that always appears next to your user ID to learn more about you.

Spreading the word about your eBay business doesn’t have to cost money. The only thing you need is some creativity and a little effort, and you can get your name out there to drive more business directly to your store. Use every opportunity available to you to let potential customers know you’re out there, and set yourself apart by telling them about your great products, and your excellent customer service. In no time, you’ll start seeing an increase in your traffic, and ultimately, your bids – and then your only problem will be how to keep up with the influx of orders!

Please let us know how you are doing with your eBay site.  If you ar having problems, maybe we can help.


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  1. Mandy Allen says:

    Hi Lynne, great post, thanks. I also got business cards from Vista print. You only pay for postage (as long as you don’t mind their logo on the back!) and they look really professional.

    Enjoy the journey.


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