Like the “GREEN” posts?

If you are enjoying the little “Green” tidbits we have been blogging, check out our new site and blog at There is also a  link in the top/right column.

We decided everyone needs to “Go Green” to some extent to improve our world.  We are not fanatics about, just doing what fits how we live.  We are doing simple things like florescent lights vice incandescent bulbs (replacing them as they burn out), keeping the appropriate air in our vehicles tires, etc.  

I intend to write an entire blof about this on our “Green” site just to let people know how easy it is to help the environment all over the world.


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One thought on “Like the “GREEN” posts?

  1. john kelly says:

    Hey Jay and Lynne
    I love your blog. I was looking for a car related post to drop a link in to an item on a green technology based on ‘The Air Motor’ – it sounds intriguing doesn’t it? There is a revolutionary green technology package being developed that will blow the rest of your socks off.
    Grab a coffee, or green tea :o) , and go to Let me know waht you think.

    cheers JJ

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