How to Build Your List with Information Products

Information products that help and educate people, or solve their problems are the best way for you to build your opt-in list. You can create a huge opt-in list of satisfied customers by giving away a private label rights product. A private label rights product gives you total rights to products such as software, articles and eBooks. Private label rights afford you the right to change the product in any way you like and claim it for your own.

In other words you can modify the product as you like. You can include links to your products or affiliate products, change or add any graphics you wish, edit or use the existing content as is and ultimately put your name on the product as the originator.  The best way to start a viral marketing campaign is to share your knowledge and expertise with prospects and customers.  

As an Internet marketer, you know that the key to your business success is the ability to build a list of customers and potential customers who look forward to hearing about your new product releases and special offers through e-mail announcements. And you know that successful list-building depends on your ability to build a bond of trust with prospects and customers.

A lead-generating information product is one that you give away in exchange for an e-mail address and permission to follow up. A lead-generating product is the easiest, fastest, and most effective tool for creating a connection with potential clients. As you build trust with potential customers, you will soon reach the point in the sales cycle where prospects are ready to buy your products or services.

Your information product is often the most powerful tool in the sales cycle. Readers will brand you on the basis of what you offer them in exchange for their e-mail address and permission to follow up. Creating an information product is the easiest and fastest way to establish yourself as an expert, build your brand, and win the trust of customers and potential customers.

A free offer of something valuable can turn visitors into customers. When you follow up by continuing to add something of value to people’s lives, you establish the kind of rapport and trust that turns friends into clients. And when you cultivate client relationships by keeping in touch, offering new solutions, and creating additional benefits, you turn customers into clients for life.

To Your Continued Success!

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3 thoughts on “How to Build Your List with Information Products

  1. Jacinta Dean says:

    Hi Jay,

    Great Post. I had better get my butt moving on the whole lead generation side of things and list building. Currently I have thousands of products on my hard drive ranging from PLR, MRR and RR, just sitting there waiting for me to do something with. I have been a bit slack at attracting subscribers but I do agree, giving a freebie to attract people and then following up with valuable content is so important for developing a business online with integrity.

    So many people nowadays are just concerned about getting you on their list and then selling selling selling! 👿 It would be nice to get content too.

    Hope all is great.


    Jacinta 😀
    (Fellow JT Masterclass)

    I am now convinced 100% that it is all in the list. I am up(?) to 46 people on my list. But that is good compared to 13 last month. I started to give away ebooks (4 right now) on CNET (at I write the ebook in word, convert it to PDF, use a program called Boomerang to lock the file (password that I choose), then upload it to my server area.

    CNET then loads the file and people find them by searches, download the file for nothing, but when they try to open it they need to put the pasword in. They have to opt-in and get the AWeber Thank you page to get the password (built the Thank you page response with the password included). All this is beginning to increase my list. The really good thing about it is that as long as the books are on the site people continue to download them. The more books, the more opt-ins. 😉

    I may have to compile a give away ebook on this as I know how well it is working for me….at least a blog, right?


  2. Mandy Allen says:

    Hi Jay,

    Great post. I really must learn how to offer a freebie or two – just haven’t had time yet!

    Enjoy the journey.

    Hi Mandy,

    Yep the freebies are great to get your name and site around to everyone. But I am still waiting for a sale of my book. I have had over 2000 hits on the sales page and still no takers….except for the freebie.


  3. Ray says:

    Hi Jay, I have really enjoyed reading your post, and responses to jacinta and Mandy.
    Is it easy enough to also put a freebie on my blog.

    Best wishes, Ray

    PS: Good luck with your ebook!

    Thanks for commenting. I find everything worthwhile in life comes from helping others, and in turn you feel good about what you’ve done. The big thing that rings true over and over again in my life is “You reap what you sow” so if your doing good and helping others, it comes back to you. At least it works for me.


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