Customizing your eBay Store

Once you get your eBay store up and running, you’ll begin to see an increase in your business. As your business picks up, you may want to customize your eBay store to better reflect your company’s image. The good news is, customizing your eBay store is easy – and it’s a great way to create a more professional and polished image to your customers. As a dedicated seller, creating a professional-looking online store is vital to your success. Your customers will get an impression of your business within moments of entering your eBay Store. Read the rest of this entry

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eBay Domination Course [80 Videos for $27]

Hi everyone,

John Thornhill of PlanetSMS sent me an email about this terrific product that he is promoting.  I thought it looked like a great deal, so I am sharing it with you.  You see I am an affliliate for his Mentorship Monthly  program (another program of his which has been a great help with our business).  He says that “This is probably the most comprehensive eBay video series you will ever see, and I know it will help your subscribers.”  Adeel must do a great job with his products if John is promoting him.

This may seem insignificant to you, but I’ve been working with John since February 2009.  He is one of the most successful internet marketers in the world.  I can tell you that in dealing with him on a weekly basis in his Marketing Masterclass that he is an honorable individual and does not promote products unless he has checked them out and has interacted with the product owner.  He is always looking to help people succeed, so he shares his knowledge and products he truly believes will help others.

While this read is a bit long, pay close attention to it.  This is not one of those fly by night promotions.

The $27 price is temporary so act now.  The new price will be around $197.  This $27 offer site will only be up for a few weeks.  So if you think you’ll need this training in the next year or two, I’d jump on it for this price if I were you.  But if you are rich…I guess you can wait for the price to go up.  Personally, I am getting this eBay Domination Course NOW because I plan to use this information within a year and I know the product will be what Adeel says it is, because John has decided to promote it.

This is the email:

Hi Jay,

If you trade on eBay or want to start trading on eBay you simply must check this out.

Over 12 Months Ago Adeel Chowdry started work on what I strongly believe is the most comprehensive
video series showing you how to profit from eBay.

Imagine working on a product for over 12 months?

That’s dedication.

Adeel had created a ton of stuff related to selling information on eBay but then when eBay banned the sale of digitally delivered products he stopped working on his product. Until now!

I think I should leave the rest to Adeel, the creator of Spy Auction Riches. Here’s the email he sent me and asked me to forward to you.

If you just want to check out what Adeel has to say online head over to:

From Adeel,

Woohoo…today is QUESTION and ANSWER day!

I’ve been getting tons of Q’s to I’m going to answer them here for everyone.

Question; eBooks can’t be sold on eBay any more so will your course still work?

Answer; eBooks still  *CAN* be sold in certain formats on eBay. Whilst the digital ban DID kill a  lot of
businesses, the smart sellers are only getting  *stronger*.

Many smart people are now putting their digital eBooks onto discs (cds/dvds) & selling them that way.

((but  creating cd/dvds is so much hard work))

Well, yes and no.

You’ll  only have to put in the effort to do things ONCE…

The key here is  *AUTOMATION* and in setting up the products one time.

There are online services you can use to create, pack, and ship your discs for under $2 each! So you’ll
want to make your business as hands free as possible.

Not only that, but DISCS have a much HIGHER perceived value than eBooks. That same eBook sold on a disc can be
sold for much more than if you just sold it as a digital download.

Many people are STILL selling cheapo eBooks on cd’s and only making pennies..their still doing it all wrong.

What YOU need to do (I’ll show  you in the course) is find the profitable products, and then sell your own
versions/something similar to your competitors.

Learn more at


ANOTHER thing I see people doing wrong on eBay is *NOT* building up a customer database/mailing list. A  BUYERS
list is the most valuable asset you could ever have.

A list of around just 850 cd buyers generated me $1600 in a recent promotion I  did. It DIDN’T cost me any thing, no eBay fees, no ppc fees, nothing. This  is all because I create a mailing customer list of each and every buyer  that has a transaction through me. SMART…I know 🙂 I’ll show you how  to do EVERYTHING inside the course.

So yeah, even selling $2 cd’s on eBay can be worth it… because you’re building up a huge customer database of PAYING people.

You then work those leads through a funnel. i.e. you sell them or offer them something GREATER than what  they
just purchased (must be relevant to original purchase).  Then you  can implement all sorts of marketing techniques
such as upsell, cross sells and backend offers.

Learn more at


If you want to sell on eBay, then you  have to accept the fact that you are NOT just an eBay seller…BUT a MARKETER.

You’ve got to be able to sell not only the products, but yourself too.

Ebayers are people who sell stuff on eBay as a hobby, like dirty old stamps and socks, people who run garage sales just to get rid of their stuff, and so on.

If you want to make serious dough on eBay, then you’ve got to accept that you are a MARKETER and then have to learn how to become a GOOD one.

This is how I’ve been able to  transition from selling on eBay to selling on the internet.

I’ve  used my eBay strategies and marketing skills that I learnt ON eBay -> to  start making a full time income online
marketing my own products through my  websites OFF EBAY.  My first product sold over $10,000 (off eBay) this YEAR (in April). So my strategies & techniques work ON and OFF.

SO if anyone says my course is OLD just because I made it last year, THEY don’t know any better.

Techniques and policies will ALWAYS change, but CORE fundamentals will NOT. With strong foundations and
knowledge, you’ll be able to adjust in ANY climate.

Once  you go through my ISpy course, you’ll not only become a good eBay seller  with a great solid foundation to start off with, but a good ONLINE  marketer. Think of eBay as a platform for creating just one stream of income. You’ll then be able to use the internet and your websites for another.

Learn more at


QUESTION; I live in Canada, am I restricted to eBay Canada site, or can I also use to make money…I am wondering  if you know anything about this?

ANSWER; You are NOT restricted to only selling on ebay Canada, in fact, you can sell on ANY eBay international site you want!


QUESTION; Will you show us how to sell physical products?

ANSWER; YEP. You get a complete module on how I import my items, where I get them from, HOW I select what to sell, HOW I select who to spy on and copy and a LOT more  🙂


I really don’t want you to miss this.

I took me *THREE* months to make these videos and I’m practically giving them away for $27(I was going to  sell them for $197). But you have to be QUICK, because I’m going to  increase the price AND take the site down within
a few days, just to give the fast people a head start.

In the course I cover;

> Making Money Selling eBooks
> Setup – ebay, mydd, aweber setup  etc
> Resell Rights
> Increasing Value
> Outsourcing
> Niche Product Research
> Public Domain Riches
> Automating The Whole System
> Back-End Profits
> AdSense
> Branding
> CONFIDENTIAL  <– My fave vid !
> Affiliate Marketing
> Viral Marketing
> Buying Leads
> Software
> Private Label Rights
> Profits With Physical Products
> Real Wholesalers
> Where To Get Cheap Products From
> Increasing The Perceived Value
> Complimenting The Purchase
> Direct Marketing
> Delivery Methods

I literally cover everything there is to know about eBay!

Get in NOW, while you still can.


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Adding Items to Your eBay Store

In order to sell items in your eBay store, you have to add them first. Such a novel idea! But if you have never added items to your eBay store, it may be a bit confusing. For the newcomers to the business of running your own eBay store, here is how you can add new items to your store:

Round up the items you intend to sell, and take photographs. A digital camera works best in this situation, as it allows you to easily add your photographs to your computer and upload them to eBay. Take as many photographs as you can for each item, showing the item in different positions, back and front, and focusing in on flaws or scratches on imperfect items. A lot of pictures allows your buyers to see the item for what it really is, leaving no surprises when the item arrives at their doorstep.

Create detailed descriptions of the items you are going to add to your eBay store. Be as descriptive as possible, listing any possible defects the item may have. You can also borrow information from the manufacturer to include the specifics of the item you are planning to sell. Just remember to rewrite the information you use, in your own words; otherwise, the manufacturer may ask to have your listing pulled for using their descriptions verbatim.

Once your photographs and descriptions are ready, log in to your eBay seller account and go to your eBay store. Choose the “Add Item” option, and copy the description you have just created. Add in your photographs for the item as well. Provide the sale price of the item, the shipping price and method, and divulge your return policy, if you have one.

If you have a template that you use for selling your items, include this in your store as well. A store template can give your items a more unified look, and give your eBay store a more professional appearance. Adding in a template with your eBay store name or other information is a great way to get more views on your eBay store items for sale.

When you have finished adding in all of the appropriate information, list the item in your eBay store. While you may see the item listing immediately, it can take up to a few hours before buyers will be able to find your item. By the next day, buyers will see you items show up in search results on eBay and on other search engines.

Jay and Lynne

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Adding Videos To your eBay Auctions

Adding video to your eBay auctions can increase the number of bids you receive on an item and give your buyers a better idea of the item they are bidding on. You don’t have to be an experienced video producer to create videos to post on your eBay auctions. Adding video allows you to talk directly to your potential customers and add your own creativity to your listings. Video allows you to share information more effectively than just text. You can also use videos to demonstrate how an item works or how it is used. Videos are easy to make and are used by a small number of sellers.

Before you run out to the electronics store to pick up the latest digital camcorder, take a look at your digital camera. Most digital cameras have a built in option for digital video recording which will be more than adequate for use on eBay.

The first thing you need to do is round up the items that you want to create videos for. Give your viewers a 360-degree view of the item you are putting up for auction. You can use your video to give your listing a personal touch.

You don’t need to make your video any longer than 30 seconds to a minute, which is about the time viewers start to get bored, anyway. Once you’re finished, upload the video to your computer the same way you upload your photographs. Find your favorite video-sharing website; YouTube is still a personal favorite, especially due to its embed code that just needs to be copied and pasted right into your auction. Once you’ve gotten the videos uploaded, all you need to do is paste the code for embedding the video anywhere in your auction, and you’re done. With your auctions, eBay also offers you a way to upload videos that eBay displays for you, but you can save yourself the extra fee by using a service like YouTube instead.


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Opening your own eBay Store

Opening your own eBay store is the fastest and easiest way to get your at-home eBay business off the ground. With an eBay store, you can enjoy the financial freedom of running your own business and still be home with your children.  All you need to open your own eBay store is a computer with internet access. If you don’t have an account with eBay, sign up on to get started. Click on the “sell” section of eBay’s website, and follow the instructions to set up a new seller account. While eBay does collect fees for opening and running a store, a basic eBay store is just $15.95 a month.

You will also want to set up a PayPal account if you do not have one. Signing up for a PayPal accounts are free. The only difference between a regular account and a merchant account is that you can accept credit cards through a merchant account effortlessly, but your payments will be subjected to a small fee percentage.

When your store is ready to go, start by adding items from around the house that you no longer have a need for. It is estimated that the average person has about $6,000 of junk lying around the house that they can sell on eBay for a profit.

When you’ve sold everything you can from around the house, you can take half of the money you’ve made through your eBay store to upgrade your store to hold more items, and start purchasing new items to sell in your store. An upgraded store will cost you $49.95 a month. As your store and your business grow, use half of your profits to purchase more inventory. This is a great way to continue to ensure the success of your eBay business.

The best thing about eBay is that they handle most of the work for you. You add your item to your store, and eBay handles the marketing, the selling, and the customer service. All you need to do is collect your money, pack up the item, and ship it off to the buyer. No other home business offers you the same results for such a small amount of work!

OK, get out there and start making money!


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Answers to Several Email Inqueries

Hi everyone.

First let me update you on John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass.  We are reviewing our products and tweaking them with graphics, additional content, and some are even doing audio and video files in them.  So not much to write about this week.  But I can’t wait to get our product out to the public.  Our eBook is titled “Renewable Energy Explained” and covers most of our alternatives to oil as well as common sense changes we can make in our lives to help the environment while saving bunches of money…I know we all like that.  We are also putting together a five white page series on what everyone can do to go green and save money….everything from changing light bulbs to solar panels and windmills (some packages for as low as $200.  So get over to and sign-up to get updates from the site.  I’ll be sending out five emails with the white pages just for signing up.  If you are already a member of our green site, don’t worry.  I’ll be sending them out to you too.

OK, everyone has been reading the eBay series of blogs here on this site.  Well several of you have asked for more about working with eBay.  So my wife is hard at work putting some more blogs together from her experience/mistakes and even more research.  She has just forwarded two blogs for me to review and add to the post.  So be looking for them.  I may have to combine them all into an eBook or white paper.  We aim to please!

Some emails have asked about how my Mother is doing.  For those that don’t know, in February….one day before I retired, my Mom slipped and fell on some ice and broke her hip.  So, since then I traveled from Virginia to Minnesota to care for her and dad during her recovery.  Mom is 88 years old and dad is 86.  So it has been a bit stressful.  I had to resign from being Treasurer of my Harley Owners Group (cuz I’m not there) and my wife is taking care of things at home…the dogs….the car…bills…..and she is still working.  My wife is great!  Now that everything is settling down with my folks, mom is doing great and almost back to normal (even cooks some) things are better around here.  My wife is going to take some leave from work and fly here in mid-June (I’m still fixing things around the house) and we are going to rent a pontoon boat that all of us can take out and go fishing.  Mom and dad haven’t been out for over a year.  This should be great fun.  Then my wife and I will return to Virginia and the normal(?) life we live.

Well I hope things brings everyone up to speed.  Keep sending the emails, I really enjoy them.

I want to do a shout out for one of my Masterclass class mates.  Mandy Allen @ is always a huge help to all of us in the class.  Her sharing in the forum and in her blogs and in comments (all of our sites) is always positive and helpful as well as insightful.  She is just a great person to know.  So make sure to check out her site and blog…you will see what I mean.  By the way, she is reviewing my eBook this weekend for me.    I wouldn’t trust just anyone to do this for me.  Thanks for all your help Mandy.


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