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New Digital Media Site

A friend of mine is starting a new membership site and I thought you may like to have a look at it.

It is set to launch within the next two weeks and he has guaranteed everybody who requests advance notification a massive discount if they decide to join. He is also letting you have a whole bunch of brand new downloads for free as a thankyou for requesting info. He guarantees to upload brand new ebooks and software packages every week (at least 2 but probably more for the first few months). The big news is that it’s going to be the cheapest membership site on the internet but still providing all the top products that the big boys offer. Anyway, take a look and decide for yourself and get the free downloads while you can as the page and the special opening deal will be getting pulled next week. Once again it’s at


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Answering More Of Your Emails

Hello Everyone,

I am so happy to have such loyal readers.  I want to ensure you that I read all the email and comments that you send and while I answer many individually, it becomes more difficult as my subscribers increase.  So I’ve vowed to at least answer the re-occuring emails that I get in a post now and again.  So here are some updates that many of you are concerned about.

Are you still visiting Minnesota to take care of your mom?  Read the rest of this entry

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Work From Home using eBay

There are millions of people using eBay for everything from generating some extra spending money, to cleaning out old junk in the attic, to replacing their full time income, and even making more money than they could have ever imagined. You may think that because there are so many sellers on eBay that you will not be successful but nothing could be further from the truth – more and more sellers are signing up with eBay every day and enjoying a great deal of success. Read the rest of this entry

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The Art of Making Money From Your Art

I am very honoured to have been asked by Jay Mueller to post a series of guest articles here on his and Lynne’s site.  I debated what I should write about that might offer Jay and Lynne not only unique content but also a unique angle for the blog posts. 

In my non-Internet life I own 3 shops.  2 of the shops are antiques centres, and one is an art gallery.  I have been working on an ebook for sometime about ‘How To Make Money From Your Art’ and I decided to use this opportunity to bring to you some of the ideas I have included in the ebook.  Read the rest of this entry

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Promoting your eBay Store

So you have got your eBay store up and running, your items are listed, and everything is ready to be shipped – but no one’s bidding. There is one crucial step you are probably missing: promoting your eBay store. Without promotion, no one will know that you even exist! After all of the time and effort you put into setting up your eBay store, skipping out on the marketing aspect of your business just doesn’t make sense. EBay offers a number of marketing tools that you can use to promote your store including email marketing, a customized listing header, promotional flyers, cross-promotions, and listing feeds. You can access these tools by clicking the Marketing Tools link in my eBay. Read the rest of this entry

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Building Your Feedback for Your eBay Business

Feedback on eBay is one of the most important parts of your reputation as a seller. Your feedback score is displayed in parentheses next to your eBay member ID.  Feedback is made up of comments and ratings left by other eBay members you’ve bought from and sold to. These comments and ratings are valuable indicators of your reputation as a buyer or seller on eBay. Solid, positive feedback means more customers will know just how trustworthy you are, before they purchase from you. Having no feedback is often times equal to, or even worse, than having bad feedback. It’s not hard to keep up a good reputation to solicit good feedback, but when you first start on eBay, having no feedback can hold you back from getting your eBay business off the ground. So how do you build up your feedback so you can get your eBay home business going? Read the rest of this entry

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