Social Networking Sites Every Internet Marketer Should Use

Social networking sites are an important marketing strategy that every Internet Marketer should use. Millions of people use social networking sites every single day. This means that you have the potential to market to millions of people if you properly use social networking sites and can be excellent direct sources of traffic to your website. Three of the most popular social networking sites that you should belong to are FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube.

FaceBook is a social networking site with over 250 millions users. It was established in 2004. It is much more popular than MySpace. If you’re an Internet Marketer then you should definitely be using FaceBook.

Another very popular social networking site is Twitter. Twitter has over 14 millions members and this number is growing daily. It allows you to make really short “tweets” about what you’re doing or what you’re thinking. So, use Twitter to market your business.

YouTube is another social networking site that you should be using to market your business. YouTube allows you to upload and share video clips on the Internet. You can easily create a video too. This is an extremely effective and inexpensive way to market your business.

The three main social networking sites you should be using are FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube. There are many great networking sites online but these are 3 of the best. If you have an online business then you need to be using these social networking sites.

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5 thoughts on “Social Networking Sites Every Internet Marketer Should Use

  1. Mandy Allen says:

    Hi Jay,

    Nice post. I use these but haven’t got into the less well known ones. There seem to be so many now I could spend all day just updating and not creating – I wouldn’t wnat that to happen!

    Enjoy the journey.


    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Mandy,

      Thanks for stopping by. About the “spending all your time” on the social sites, I can relate. So now I have set times to limit myself. I check to see if anyone commented (return comment if it is applicable), joined as a friends (send a note to welcome them) and then I comment, upload a content post or leave a link to content. I also have a list of related friends and post comments/tips in their areas.

      Most of the time this works except when I start to play farmville……. 😉

      Have a great day!

  2. Keith Dean says:

    Hi I thought I would pop by your blog and say hello!

    I am in John Thornhill’s Masterclass for this year and am enjoying it
    very much indeed. How did you find it last year?

    If you need any help with Twitter just let me know as I am very active
    there and help a lot of people.

    Hope to speak to you soon.

    All the best
    Keith Dean

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Keith,

      I replied to this already but I do not know where it went. So I’ll do this again.

      Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be looking for you in the MC forum.

      I enjoyed the MC for the most part and John covers his topics well. As in all training and especially in internet marketing you’ll never learn all the latest things. John lays out the basics and you will be better off for taking the class.

      I would suggest that you check out The WordPress Classroom link on my site. I found this a couple weeks ago and implemented some of his techniques and doubled my monthly traffic. I wish I would have known this stuff when I was building my site. It costs a little bit but is well worth the money…and yeah the link is an affiliate link, but even if you don’t by it through me, it has great value for the cost.


  3. Kisha Mohney says:

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