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Jay – I am a retired US Government worker, specifically for the US Army.  I served 8 years in the army then became a civilian working for the same organization.  I have a total of 37 years working for the Federal Government.  So I feel I’ve worked very hard for my retirement.  I would feel a whole lot better if the economy was in better shape across the world, but I don’t think that will be fixed any time soon so I am moving forward and re-engineering myself.  The new plan is to keep enough irons in the fire to bring in a bit of cash, but leave plenty of time to do fun things.

My Hobbies include riding my Harley Davisdon, playing my guitar, and wood working.  I plan to be more physically active and improve my health.  Sitting behind a desk for all those years has just about killed me.  I used to work on a stock car racing team, but I have realized that I am just to old and out of shape to continue.  But I continue to enjoy watching NASCAR Racing (and just about any other series of auto/motorcycle racing) on the television.  I’ve found that if I go to a race and sit in the stands, I feel out of place by not being in the pits.



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