A Day with Mark Jones

Hangin’ with Mark Jones in Mountain View, Arkansas

After driving half way across the country to Minnesota and doing a three week renovation of my childhood home to get it ready for sale (mom and dad passed away earlier this year), I was pretty beat. However, I was pretty excited to get down to Harrison, Arkansas to stain my soon to be retirement home. So with my Expedition loaded to the hilt and my trailer not being able to hold any more stuff, I left Minnesota on my twelve hour trip (September 2nd).

The trip went pretty well. The weather hot, but nice and the traffic was pretty light for a Friday. I made it to my house at 7:30 PM and a friend of mine showed up to help me unload the trailer as it got dark. We visited for a bit, catching up on what we’d been up to and then called it a night.

Mark Jones,George McCormick,Grandpa Jones

Mark Jones, George McCormick and Grandpa Jones

Saturday Morning (September 3rd) I was up early to unload the car and get cleaned up. I was ready for some time just for fun. The Grandpa Jones Tribute show was taking place at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas. I knew my good friend Mark Jones (son of Grandpa) would be playing with the Jones Family Band, so I wanted to catch up with him in town. Read the rest of this entry

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Ways to Boost Your Article Marketing

Boost Your Article Marketing

Boost Your Article Marketing

Target the World

Article marketing is a great way to market your business online. Article marketing is free and it’s also extremely effective. However, there is a lot more you can be doing with every single article you write. You can actually create a lot more content, and take advantage of a lot more marketing opportunities with every article you write. Here are 3 ways for you to boost your article marketing.

The first way to boost your article marketing is to take that article and build a social networking page around it. There are a lot of popular social networking sites. You can take your article and plug it into a social networking page. Then add a few other elements to the page (depending on what the social networking site offers) and just like that you’ll have more content on the Internet. It will probably take you less than 30 minutes too. Read the rest of this entry

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Review – Madness or Magic?

Madness or Magic – What a GREAT Package!

I suspect that you’re one in many marketers who went overboard trying to buy your way into the business. How many business plans have you bought over the past few years 1, 2 or maybe a lot more? How much have all of these business plans cost you? Plenty I would bet. And were they worth the money you paid for them especially the high ticket items? My guess is they were not. They didn’t do what they promised and most of all, you paid out a huge amount of money. Read the rest of this entry

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How To Find Great Blog Topics

Block Topics

Blog Topics - How to Find Great Blog Topics Find great Blog Topics  – This is key to writing a successful blog for any Internet Marketer. Content is the most important thing for a blog. Blogs rank well with the search engines and are therefore a great marketing tool. Writing a blog can also greatly help in establishing yourself as an expert.

You should write a new blog entry just about every single day. With all those entries it can be really difficult to come-up with blog topics. So, here are some suggestions for where you can get ideas for much needed blog topics.


The first great place to find blog topics is forums. Be an active member on forums within your niche. You will be able to get a lot of great ideas for blog topics based on what people are talking about. The cool thing about this is that if people are talking about it on a forum then you know it’s important. This will really help you to know that writing a blog on the topic will be important to people. Read the rest of this entry

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4 Pillars for a Successful Internet Marketing Business

Successful Internet Marketing

Successful Internet MarketingSuccessful Internet Marketing requires you have to develop a plan that will lead you to success. That plan has to include elements that will set you up for success. Most Internet Marketers know this. But many Internet Marketers don’t know exactly what the elements for success are. There are actually 4 of them and they can be called pillars. The 4 pillars for a successful Internet Marketing business are to be customer focused, to have multiple streams of income, to have an affiliate program, and to network with other Internet Marketers.

Customer Focused

The first pillar for a Successful Internet Marketing business is to be customer focused. Always remember that your customers are the ones who will lead you to success or failure. Your customers literally hold your future in their hands. So, be sure you always focus on making the customer happy so that they will lead you to success. Read the rest of this entry

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Design your Website for SEO

Design Your Site for SEOWhen you have a website you want to get as many visitors to your site as you can possibly get. The way to get more visitors is through search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, you want to design your site for the search engines, so that people can find your site when they search for certain keywords. Here are 5 steps for designing your website for SEO.

SEO – Step 1: Know that Each Page Needs to be Optimized

The first step for search engine optimization is to always remember that each page of your site needs to be optimized. Each page is treated individually by the search engines. So make sure you apply the necessary SEO tactics to each and every page. Read the rest of this entry

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