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JayLynne Enterprises – Hi, I am Jay Mueller. Together with my wife Lynne, we established an on-line business called JayLynne Enterprises during a training class we were taking called Marketing Masterclass by John Thornhill. That started in February 2009 and ended in October.

We originally thought we wanted to concentrate our business in the Internet Marketing Niche. But now that we’ve become more accomplished, we’ve expanded into Common sense going green efforts niche and just recently started a WordPress Training and Internet Marketing membership site.

I build and host WordPress Websites for clients. Then I mentor them on how to operate their own website, adding content and graphics and modifying the look of their site. Basically I build them a site and teach them to be their own webmaster so I work myself out of a job.

I also am a moderator of Matt Wolfes’ “The WordPress Classroom” Forum.

As of November 2012, these are our active websites:

JayLynne Enterprises – Will remain our main Blog site. We’ll continue to post informative blog content on a regular basis. We are changing our focus to the WordPress Platform, News, Plugins, Latest Trends, Marketing Techniques, and of course Best Tools to use for Making Money with your site.

Making Money On The Internet – This is our internet services, tools of the trade, training, and give away products membership site that we are developing.  This will become a everything you need to know about internet marketing from selecting and ordering a domain name, selecting a hosting service, building a WordPress platform website, how to tweak you site by adding graphics, search engine optimization, how to blog for success, how to monetize your site, how to get traffic, how to build an email list, how to create email campaigns, give-away programs, you get the idea. I also offer services for those who are uncomfortable with some items.

Membership levels are:

  • FREE ACCESS:  (No Charge)  You’ll be able to read many of the blog posts and can get into some general areas. Good Deal 
  • PRO ACCESS:  (One Time Fee – $37.00)   You’ll have access to all of the blog material, Coaching – Getting Started Section, all of the Give Away Products, and special deals on monthly products.   Better Deal
  • GOLD ACCESS:  (Monthly Fee – $19.00)   All of the above benefits plus access to the Entire Coaching Course and at least one  free product to download every month.   Really Good Deal
  • LIFETIME GOLD ACCESS:  (One Time Fee – $97.00)   Everything the Gold Access has for a cost of less than one year of monthly access.   Best Deal Ever

Our Green Life Biz – Is the site we created to share information and direction on Going Green by using common sense and saving money to do it. This is not “Global warming is killing the planet” type of site. We just share information so you can make informed decisions about alternative fuels, alternative energy, composting, water management, green jobs, etc. Then staying with common sense issues and the use of natural renewable materials, we are adding common sense health related issues with this site. You see we consider going green as choices that that help the planet and people without all the poisons that pollute the air and our bodies.

In my spare time I build websites for a few of my friends and work with teaching them how to use the goodies built into the sites, monetize, build traffic and promote their sites. I am excited for them having their businesses on line and I want them to do really well.  Sue Jones is an artist and photographer. She has her own photography studio built into the house which is improving all the time. She and I spent three days together in the Arkansas wilderness taking pictures of wildlife and nature in general. It was great fun even though the weather was a bit wet last fall. You can check out the site at be sure to check out her stories and photo-books. She will begin adding her products any day now.

Mark Jones (Sue’s husband) who is the son of Grandpa and Romona Jones from the Grand Ole Opry and the television show Hee Haw has his own recording studio built into their home.  Yes you understand that right, two studios as part of the house, as a matter of fact, more studio than house. Mark works with adults that have trouble learning and being on their own. He has the patience of Job and does a terrific job with them. Mark also teaches music on the side. He plays and teaches several instruments but he really has the claw style banjo down pat just like his father. He grew up in the country music business and knows just about everyone. He still remains the most down to earth guy I know. There  is no aire about him or his wife for that matter. Just plain country folk. Both Mark and Sue work the recording studio producing and mastering CD/DVD for their clients and for themselves. Both play a variety of music and instruments. Mark has now begun writing fun stories of his life on his site. Soon they will have music and other items for sale on the site. So be sure to check out the Jones Recording Studio at and enjoy Marks’ stories. He writes just like he’s talking to you.

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Now it is your turn to improve what we are doing. I challenge each and every one of you to review our sites and offer ideas so we can improve upon them. What are you looking for here? Do you have products that you’d like to offer for free to other visitors?

I’m doing my part now I need you to do yours. So, come on and help me help you.

To Your Incredible Success!
Jay Mueller – Making Money on the Inter.net