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Anyone can use WordPress software and my advice to you is to learn WP because it’s probably the most versatile and easy ways to build a professional looking website for your online business platform.

This is due to the 100% flexible, customizable nature of WP. You can upload WP from either their own .com website, or if you have a web hosting platform, from there instead. From its own .com site, it’s free, but they can tend to favor non-commercially based sites, and lack the complete flexibility you get from self-hosting. However, you shouldn’t let that deter you, as both ways are really good.

Here are 6 points to consider for using the WordPress software Blogging platform:

• Have you heard it said that WordPress software is not for the faint of heart? Take such comments lightly. As with other software tools, WP is something you can learn in a weekend. There’s plenty of help around too, such as the WP forum, Internet marketing forums, and YouTube, to name a few. With its aforementioned flexibility, you can see why it’s such a highly used piece of Blogging software; and it’s so much more than just a Blogging platform. WordPress Blogs lend themselves to such a vast range of uses, from business to personal, from entertainment to informative.

• Most web hosting sites support using WordPress software these days. There’s no stranglehold for users of WP if they’re using their own hosting; all the coding is given to the user for their own editing. And as such, the range of “plug-in” software components for site building is vast; most are for free, others for a fee.

• There’s no guesswork with WordPress software, and you can do precisely as you please, and know what you’re getting – licensing and all. Nothing’s going to bite you in the backside. Compared with other Blogging platforms, WP wins hands-down. So why would you use anything else?

• There are plenty of other options available to you, but with Google’s recognition of WordPress software, you’re likely to not to have to wait as long to get indexed.

• Price is usually a factor for everyone. But there’s no need for concern, as WordPress software won’t rape your wallet. You’ll not need to re-mortgage to get up and running with WP. Amongst the first things you’ll find yourself getting acquainted with in WP are web page themes to suit, and marry-in with, your niche, or company business.

• After some initial caution, and biting you lower lip, you’ll soon begin to explore the WordPress software platform and find yourself taking on an adventure that you’ll quickly find addictive, rewarding, and hugely beneficial to your business.

Learn how to work with WordPress from Matt Wolfe

I’ve been a member of  The WordPress Classroom for quite some time. Matt adds new content on a monthly basis and answers all your questions in the interactive Forum. He has basically created a video on every topic to build, run and improve your site to get the traffic and click throughs that everyone wants. All the neat little tricks about traffic, SEO, what to include in every blog post and what plugins you really need. There is way to much content to describe here. Just check out the link and learn. I think he still has some of the free videos live at the link, so hurry over and check them out and see if you can use this useable content. Like I said I joined a while back and I’m still there. Just last night I was participating in the forum. I had a question about a graphic…he had an answer in my email this morning. Terrific response!

To Your Incredible Success!

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11 thoughts on “WordPress – 6 Points to Consider this Platform

  1. Jacinta Dean says:

    Hi Jay,

    I have been hearing great things about Matt’s program.

    I am starting to think it is something I should check out, as I am really starting to get fascinated with wordpress and its capabilities.

    Hope everything is going well.


    Jacinta 😀

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Jacinta,

      I’ve investigated WP learning all across the internet. The bottom line is that in my opinion Matt has THE BEST WP LEARNING ON THE INTERNET. I joined his fr.eebie section and looked at all the videos and 5 min latter joined the Pro level.

      Now that he has totally redone the site, added a Traffic Exchange, added a Forum, added direct contact with himself, adding new content every month and will make videos on individual needs, the WordPress Classroom 2.0 is the best. Nobody has this type of offering for WordPress Learning.

      Check out the free videos while he still has them up. I’m sure you’ll upgrade as I did.

      Good to see you here. Glad you stopped by.

  2. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jay, I hope that you and Lynne are both well.

    I’ve had my wordpress blog for a while now and i’m still learning the extent of its capabilities. This sounds like a fantastic course to join, but i’m off to the hospital again in a few weeks and already have a loaded schedule.

    I’d be really interested to continue reading your thoughts on it.

    Are you going to be taking part in the 100 blog comment challenge.

    You can get the details and a list of those taking part from the following page:


    It would be really good if you could get involved Jay, we’ve invited some experienced bloggers that have agreed to join in. This could really be a benefit for us all.

    It would be good if you could Jay, Take care, Barry

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Barry,

      Sorry to hear your headed back to folks that practice medicine. You’d think they’d have enough practice on you to be real doctors by now.

      The videos that Matt produces for his site are great. The whole WP Classroom 1.0 was great. But WPC 2.0 is really beyond anything that is out there on WordPress. Then he does video on demand too. Really worth the cost, which is very low for what he provides.

      I have not done the 100 comment deal yet. I guess I’ll have to come up with a really exceptional post and consider it.

      Be well brother…don’t let the bastards wear you down. 😉


  3. Mike says:

    Hi Jay
    Wordpress is just great-even people like me can give it a go!
    Haven’t caught up with WordPress classroom myself but i’ll have a look now you’ve mentioned it.
    I see from Mandy’s post that you are a fellow guitar player-I relax myself by playing (well I call it playing :))
    Good luck with the 100 comment challenge!
    Best wishes
    Masterclass 2009

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Mike,

      Matt really does do a terrific job with WP Classroom. The vids are clear and concise and he answers questions usually the same day. If you sign up for pro you also have the Forum, Traffic Exchange, extra bonus’ and new content every month (sometimes more depending if someone asks for video on a specific topic).

      Personally I think everyone needs these tools if you are using WordPress. I also have a Theme Building Software I bought called Artisteer. You can point and click to design new themes changing columns, menus, colors, and graphics. It is also very easy to use, otherwise I would not use it. I just do not have the time to play around.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Jacinta Dean says:

    Hi Jay,

    I haven’t looked at the free videos just yet, however out of curiosity, how much is pro?


    Jacinta 😀

    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Jacinta,

      If you go to the free videos, there is an upsell video that explains all of that. But, the normal cost is $27 per month, however any link from my pages are the special short time offer of $9.95 per month with the 60 Day get your money back deal because he uses ClickBank.

      The traffic exchange section is worth that to me, but add in Themes, forum and bonuses he gives away makes it one of the best deals for anyone that has a WP site.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Tim says:

    Hi Jay,

    I have used WordPress on many websites and I have to say, it just keeps getting better and better. I especially like how you are able to change the outlay of the website by changing themes. I can remember pulling my hair out, trying to learn HTML back in the 90s’. If I would have waited a little while, it would have all gotten easier. Live and learn, I guess.


    1. Jay Mueller says:

      Hi Tim,

      I felt the same way. However I started before the 90’s. So WP has really changed the way I do business in a huge way.

      Thanks for stopping by Tim.


  6. Jim says:

    WP is great but it is best suited for blogs. I say this as a precaution to those who do not update their site regularly. There are simply too many updates across versions, themes, and plugins to worry about if you are running a static site.

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